United Special Ops
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to United Special Ops!
Our server is: [USO] 24/7 United Special Ops

Have fun with us and invite your friends; we hope for this platoon to be your most favorable and your most memorable. Help us out by inviting your friends and putting your USO tag on. ;) Our website is generally done but it is still under construction, but when done, it will host an online chat room for platoon members to mingle in, as well as applications for registering new members. Stay updated guys :D

~CobraTanker, Jiberjiber, Gnik_Nus96, Swiftyy, CombatProfiteer

Our ventrilo ip is port 11333 and USO member password hummer2. Thank you and join USO members on ventrilo {cobratanker} {Swiftyy}


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