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Platoon Presentation

Casual players. We aim to play the objective best we can, be it as a group or going at it alone.

=Rules & Requirements=
-No griefing
-No exploiting glitches
-Try your best to play the objectives and help the whole team win during a match
-Be mature. Don't be a sore loser and don't be a prick of a winner
-Try to keep temper below raging if playing with other platoon members. It's rather horrible to hear a teammate screaming in your ear.

There is no age, region or skill requirement

We use Skype as a primary way of communication. Please contact RaidenRaccoon and provide your skype name so you can be added. Voice chat/call is preferred during a game for better tactics across multiple squads. This is not required to join or stay.

Feel free to contact RaidenRaccoon about any issues or concerns about the platoon

Currently looking into renting a server for practice, etc

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