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------TEAM HAWK -------
Member that is in our TEAM but at the moment can not come to a problem: (Doctor_Panic_)
>We are the HAWK PRO GAMER the strongest, the best on the battlefield 4 we do not have rivals and nobody will stop us, we are a team united and compact for the final victory, good doctors-snipers The strength of a Team USA international soldiers-Greek-French german and our duty to look all behind and step on the helmet of each of our opponent. DOMINATE the HAWK, must be a great honor to be part of this TEAM. Geraki sub_Woofer_-and-Nixnax are the bosses that help the Team in all respects. FORCE HAWK BF4 We dominate and eventually everyone will die with our knife and tear the pad with violence to win.
>available to make contact Clan War Leader ps3 or through Battlelog
>We only play on ps3 where there is more gameplay, know that we are the best HAWK forever, faithful to the HAWK
<For new members you have to put the tag HAWK official, you will be observed for a short period of time, you have to be perfect to be true HAWK without missing anything this is clear for those who enter

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