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Welcome Recruits! If you haven't already, please head on over to our website (www.enigma-gaming.com), register on the forums and make a recruitment application using the provided template. This will help us track your application.

All recruits are required to carry out a minimum of a one week trial before becoming full members of Enigma Gaming. At which point you will be invited to join our full member platoon.

As recruits you are entitled to add "eGr-" in front of your name (not in the tags section), however you will not be permitted to add eG- onto the front of your Origin name until you have passed the trail period and have been accepted as a full Enigma Gaming member.

During the weeks trial all that we ask you to do in order to be accepted is to be friendly and active on our Teamspeak at ts.spawnpointgaming.com

Welcome to Enigma Gaming :)

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