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Done with BF3, moving to BF4

LvK was founded by some friends that still wanted to play BF3 competitively after the disappointment of BF4. We recruited people we knew that still wanted to play comp and quickly became one of the top teams left on BF3.


Our Beast players:

Velvetboy - King of the noobs
ProNation__Jeppe - Niki's snepbeck bro and best inffy ^^
Guerilla - Only room for one noob, and that's taken by this guy
Lucifer - never missed a 420 blaze
Destroyer - No.1 Rep and best jet rammer (EU)
VanHalen - Kawaii desu uguu nyaa weeaboo hentaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Volvo - How may I help you sir?
Mimence - So chill
Timmy - Just a cunt
Eddzy - Our Irish baws
Cryphax - Official cheerleader
Ezio - Osi boss of Milka dealer
Shuji_dono: Van's fellow weeaboo hentai artist :D
Ouaoua: French KSA #2
Jodel: m8
sikandarshakar: try pronounce that xD
Znes: silent but deadly
Polisi: Our Sheriff
Wolf: Miss Balalaika of Hotel Moscow
NikeTotal: jack of all trades
KNS: Bflag baws
Rudy: Kalu's favorite squadmate
BlackOmega: French KSA #1
Kalu: Carries with rudy
Sampahhii: white niqqa
Engimatic: beast
SgtDezzybear: friend of hentai series
Jason: official benchwarmer
Ayala - Complains about KSA lag, lives in KSA
GoPro - Has a big baguette and has mixed feelings for one member in particular
Lubu - Cant fix it cuz its fucked
Tampaa - An old guy in a young boys body
Kamil - Our lil Kurwa
Panadoli - Voice of reason
Lorenzo - Pizzaria Casa de Lorenzo
ULTI-MADE-UM: Flys high, literally
DeeZerka; He became #2
Niki - The swaiger with snepbeck
XtremeSoilder: MVP rep


Upcoming matches:

1pm Eastern = 6pm UK = 7pm EU = 8pm Finland


Thank you for looking at our platoon.


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