Turn or Burn (DF CUP)
Tag: [DF] Web: Official website Fans: 71 Created: 2014-01-31

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Hey guys, Me (Haim), Mooky, and Danny (KulBiT/Maybe) are trying to organize a DF Cup for the fun and memories of all of the DF'ers... we've seen the DF community is getting a bit separated and there are less people all the time so we want to revive the community by doing this cup, everyone can join, this cup will take place in probably 1 or 2 weekends during the spring, Me and Mooky and KulBiT won't be participating but we will Stream/Twitch and commentate it with our Selfies (cam) no homo :)... if you want to join apply in this platoon, rules will be coming soon, SEE YOU IN THE SKIES <3

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