Tag: [FIRE] Fans: 7 Created: 2014-02-22

Platoon Presentation

Soul Eaters,

is a plattoon created to bring together old mates and new friends to become a community and learn together and grow,

it was founded by Bwahr and Dbjones, to be a place for fun and to learn,

the name was decided as Dbjones lives with a Ranga and has a fear of losing his soul hence why the clan was created to get his soul back and to help other battlefieldians reclaim theres,

We are slowly growing a community over multiple games including some good steam games, guys are more then welcome to join our teamspeak and meet the crew and have some fun

to get teamspeak details please contact the leaders or myself and we are more then happy to invite you in.

Ranks of Leaders

Dbjones-KRL- : FOUNDER
OneDriver101 : RECRUITMENT
Nfsdude0125 : RECRUITMENT

Have fun guys!

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