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Platoon Presentation


BASICALLY this is for jessica, who we all want to rape and love forever <3.
Puffy's fanclub <3
ZooM's fanclub too<3
Jessica's rapeclub <3
Michael's hate club -_-

Evwybody wuvs Puffy (fuck Delta) <3
Show your love for Puffy (fuck Delta) <3
-if you don't i'll make ZooM eat you

##Eljay's only in nV for Delta
#nV is dead without Jessica
# Delta is nothing without Zeta
# Delta has been divorced 4 times
#Delta hasnt been banned yet
#Soon to be banned

#why the fuck hasn't Jason joined this yet
#Marc pls come back :(
#Kick ZooM
#ZooM still a virgin
#says otherwise
#ZooM is Manti t'eo's girl friend

## xxx sucks
#we're MLG level, try to fuck with us and we'll fuck you back, that's our motto

#Delta has man boobs and blowjobs for quarters
#DarkShooter has a big dick, don't mess with him
#Chris is the biggest feggit int he world. Leik he's sucked so much dik he can tell wat size ur dik is by just looking at ur pants :3

Message leaders for a clan battle (lelelelel)
Feelthepain lags like a mofo
pN scares Kalu

Jessica's mine... gtfo hoes (because we all know shes the sexiest bitch here)
^actually she's the only bitch that anyone would ever want to bone.

Delta is the platoon whore, he's cheap. We call him the "wide receiver of the team" he used to play the "tight end" but then he joined this team...

If you don't hate ZooM and Delta, you can't join. If you dont want to rape jessica gtfo.

By joining you automatically agree to the following. 1) you hate Delta 2) you hate ZooM 3) you wuvs Puffy <3 and you wants to wape jessica <3

Zoom's and Delta's theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xC03hmS1Brk&hd=1

The rest of our's theme song:

Smot is lyfe

^the guy above me is a fag- Puffy <--- +1 +1 +1 +1

^Delta's gay, he's carried all you fegits... <--- *faigts*

My back hurts ;_; {thanks delta}- ZooM <---- your asian you dont have books in your backpack gtfo.

If u write below or above me ur gay - eljay, im a feggit- Puffy <gay. Jessica is basically life itself

I am gay - Puffy_K

So am I - AdaIVIant


Dicks are my fav <3 - Eljay

I rely on hax and headglitches too much - Delta

I lack a penis - ZooIYI

Luna hax with BR's - Delta

I'm better than you all -Turtle

only when Delta's carrying you - Eljay

what he said^ - Delta

Turtle's our savior - ZooM

Turtle you're bahd - Puffy

Chrisco's theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snJXhKzs0bw

Zoom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7zzgjtll5o

you're all bad, git gud, go to delta's git gud skool #you might get raped

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