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Platoon Presentation

MSF is a Private Military Company (PMC) and a Mercenary Company. In MSF, we fight along side our brothers in arms. We are no ordinary company. A mic and Skype is usually preferred, otherwise we'll make exceptions. Our number one priority is to fight along side our brothers when they need help. If another platoon needs our help, we will fight to temporarily support that team under the MSF name. We don't fight for peace. We don't fight for a greater good. We don't fight for a just cause. We only fight to fight and to keep on fighting. We fight for our own personal gain and for the gain of our company. We don't fight for any specific countries unless hired, so leave your flags behind and dawn a new flag. The flag of MSF.

What it takes to join MSF: guts, comradery, courage, a new found patriotism for our Motherbase.
There is no specific K/D or SPM. all that want to join may do so and apply.

This company is supervised by one supreme commander: Wet_Work_MGS (prcgar)

Use any talent that you're good at, follow orders, and prepare to win. Motherbase needs you.

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