12v12 Tournament
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Bf3 12v12 Tournament.
**Single elimination tourney**
"this tournament is supported by BF3 Veterans Community"
I hope we can get 12 teams to be in this tournament. We need to get the bf3 community back as it were before the shitty game called "Bf4" came out.
Rules and guidelines:
- Bracket: http://challonge.com/WintertourneyBF3
- A win moves one team up to the next round in the brackets (see link);
- both teamleaders are to come to an agreement on the match date and map composition. The third map is for the tournament leaders to decide. After an agreement, the match should be announced in a post on the tournament page, with a comment of the other teamleader confirming the information. The tournament council will then decide the third map;
- we recommend to play one map on an EU server and one on an US server, but we believe that both team leaders will come to a fair agreement on that, together. The third map will be played on an EU server if both leaders can not agree on their server choice.
- try to arrange a match within a week;
- The matches are played on “tickets” base;
- If a match disconnection occurs by either party within the first minute of a map, the map is to be restarted;
- be on time like in the old days. This mean that the game has to start within 20 minutes after the starting time both teams had agreed on. We recommend to open the burn map on time, so both teams get 20 minutes to wait for their team members to join. Rule transgression, that has been proven by visual evidence, will lead to a 2-0 forfeit;
- all weapons are allowed, no rules;
- it is a team tournament so all players must wear the right clantag! In case of trangression (this means when the tags are not right after the burn round), the first map round will be lost by the offending team.
The Team with most members choose Map1 on all rounds.
Round 1
Map 1: Tehran Highway / Grand Bazaar / Operation Metro
Map 2: Caspian Border / Operation Firestorm / Seine Crossing
Map 3: Kharg Island / Damavand Peak / Noshahr Canals
Round 2
Map 1 Operation Firestorm / kharg island / Noshahr Canals
Map 2 Damavand peak / Operation Metro / Grand Bazaar
Map 3 Tehran Highway / Caspian Border / Seine Crossing
Round 3 (semi Finals)
Map 1: Tehran Highway / Noshahr Canals / Damavand peak
Map 2: Kharg Island / Operation Firestorm / Caspian Border
Map 3: Operation Metro / Seine Crossing / Grand Bazaar

FINALS (including match for the 3rd place): The first and second finale maps will be chosen freely by the finalists or you can choose to let the council decide the maps. The third map is to be decided by the council.
1 ---- [MyL] ---- Team MysticaL ---------------> Contact: @MysticaL_SaiiK / Yesheadz
2 ---- [BAE] ---- The Bae ------------------------> Contact: @Przemoland__99
3 ---- [ReZ] -----ReZurrection ------------------> Contact: @ViepRx
4 ---- [KoS] ---- -Elite -----------------------------> Contact: @Deadpool_OMG
5 ---- [187] ----- Rigor Mortis 187 -------------> Contact: @Martyrism_831
6 ---- [ARTs] --- Ártemis -------------------------> Contact: @Joselio_fer
7 ---- [v5] --------VICIouS ------------------------> Contact: @ReVienTa_ChORLAS
8 ---- [IRI] ------- ResurrecTIon IR -------------> Contact: @KillahCollector
9 ---- [MLG] ----- MLG are back ---------------> Contact: @agapov199
10 -- [BA] ------- Blood Alliance ---------------> Contact: @MrF1andS1 / maclovin01
11 -- [HWV] ---- HooliganzWithVehicles ---> Contact: @Vehicle_Hoe
12 -- [rXe] ------ rXenegades Elite -----------> Contact: @JamesAlijah
13 -- [MoM] ---- мᴀᴛᴀя σ мσяιя ----------------> Contact: @7v_nV-xSaintzZ/tCo Raul
14 -- [Olex] ----- Olex ----------------------------> Contact: @EnD__Alprince20
15 -- [KoS] ----- KoS Elite ----------------------> Contact: @KoS_Deadpool

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