The Alchemy Lab
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Platoon Presentation

The Alchemy Lab >
Password = "fruitloop"
If "fruitloop" is not the password and the map is set to bandar, alborz, or valley it is likely due to a private session.

Feel free to request different maps.

SwitchHook < (Impatient and always chokes on offense)
AmericanCream < (Mr. Shenanigans)
1N Mentu < (Monotone Man)
LeperSucks < (He got a TRIPLE KILL)
CX -mooky- < (Lives in KORWEEAH)
FlufyMarshmllows < (Mr. Robot)
L0YAL3NEMY < (Loyal to a fault)
p1tchfail < ("Fixes" "computers" for a fee)
Triggerhappy1N < (Regularly crosses over the DMZ)

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