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Side Niqqas' e Sports ^^

sN is inactive for now, we be back in da future <3 (or not)

The three pornstars.
Founder : IIblacK___W0lf
Air Leader : Underslung__ARFK
Infantry Leader : Rapz_Sanchez
Armour Leader :
Tactics Co-ordinator :


Infantry -
Tankers -
Jets -

----- Clan War History -----

sN vs oG 2-3 [Lost]
sN vs WeG 2-0 [Won]
sN vs dOOp 1-3 [Lost]
sN vs Bfs 4-3 (Won)




-No dirty casuals
-Respect your m8s <3
-Go full tryhard in clan wars... but don't rage
-Never rage, ever. Don't complain about shit or you will get rekt :)
-Be active.
-We'll play any player count over 4.
-If you want to join, add any of the leaders and they will try you out.
-If you want to play vs us, add W0lf and set it up with him.

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