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Platoon Presentation

Hey all!

Many of you know me for my BF3 dogfighting and some of you may also know that I am an active admin of CRACKS Dogfighting Platoon and Server (as well as TeamSpeak) and was lead recruiter for the BF3 Aus Dogfighting scene.

I have set up this platoon as a placeholder for Battlefield 1. This platoon will become the Australian Dogfighting platoon for BF1 and I plan to head the Australian Dogfighting scene myself, with the help of others. Dogfighting is not dead by any means and I plan to recruit and train new pilots for the BF1 scene.

See you all in WWI and I hope to be able to establish a thriving dogfighting community there!

January 2017 Update:
BF1 sucks dick and you can't rent, own or control servers properly thanks to Dice / Ea. RIP Dogfighting and anything competitive

May 2019 Update: RIP battlefield

May 2021 Update: Praying that BF6 will be good (hopeful)?

June 2022 Update: LMAO at the previous. Battlefield 6, or as it's called now, Battlefield 2042.... Well we all know how that went....

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