Phoenix Rising
Tag: [pX] Fans: 5 Created: 2017-08-21

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About us: Most of us have been playing battlefield for a long time. Like yea.... we're not here to play seriously just here for the memories with friends and shiz. If you honestly think we care than you need to get a life LOL.

Servers we've been banned from:

Our anthem:

Tell us again about how good youre clan is... plz we love it

We are sponsored by the illuminati

Reasons my clan doesn't care.... well we have unlimited Doritos and mtn. dew bruh. watchu got... yea that's right nothing

Exodus is our Mascot mostly bc he can't do anything but camp hardcore

Wall of Shame:
ShineDawg and PMS

Just so we're clear, we are not here to fight you in a clan match. Just here to laugh at everyone who still takes this game to seriously


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