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Platoon Presentation

###~~ This Platoon is FULL please Join on #3
Everybody is welcome . We want to offer you the best game experience possible . Join now and be our friend!
As our first platoon reached its maximum capacity please apply to our #2 platoon :!

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Air Legends Admins Contact them for any problem
k4t4r4 (Founder)
MSu_SocraM (Co-Founder)
Dead_or_ALIVE001 (Head Admin)
Air-K4t3r1N4 (Support admin)

Join us on Discord Air LeGenDs Official:

We need your donate ! or ask k4t4r4 for paypal so we will keep our server as far we can !
Here are our Servers, we Respect everyone Feel free to enjoy your game on our server .
Air Legends

Here are the Rules That Everyone Must Know :

0~ No Smurf / Suspect Accounts (Instant Ban) We want to keep our server Clean
1~. No Baserape.
a) Jet And Helicopter Can kill a Bailer In main Base Before he boards Jet or Heli again !
2~. No Ramming.
3~. No Glitching or Hacking - all players are randomly Checked by Admins and PB Screenshots.
4~. No Basecamp:
a) with Vehicles, Also No HOVERING BASECAMP with Helicopter (Except if your team lost ALL Flags).
b) If someone is Base camping, you are allowed to Kill him !
5~. No Stealing - Jets / Heli / AA - it will Destroy the Balance of Teams (Admin will Kill you to get back the Vehicle Balance/No death will count).
6~. Pilots choose Their Gunner - Please Respect that and give them priority. - Our server is Fast Spawn so you can Take Heli after its destroyed!
7~. Please Don't Be Pathetic With Jet and Helicopter, if there less than 30 players on server and people Leave, you will get kicked .
8~. No Air Peace / Farming ! - Air peace Destroys balance.
9~. Admins must Respect all players. If any of the Admins Abuse Their Admin Rights on you/any player report him immediately to Head Admin.
10~. Add us to your Favorite Server List End Enjoy your Stay !!

~If someone is breaking rules, it DOES NOT justify you breaking it as well ! You report that player to admin or in Air Legends Platoon !

~Admin Abuse is punished by Head admins .
Feel free to report if someone is not respecting the admin rights that he was entitled with in a appropriate manner
We're always trying to balance the Game and we are here to help !

~If you find a hacker report it to admin/Platoon/Discord.
His stats will be checked immediately and if we are 99% sure, he will get banned - If we are not be sure, we will have close eyes on him until we have our final decision.

~Server Runs Fast Vehicle Spawn so everyone can play any vehicle at some point.
Noob or not, you should change once awhile so others may enjoy it as well as we got High Tickets Rounds.

~We don't Kill/Kick/Ban for nothing We are not against you !
Respect our server rules and u will have a great time with us.
Our Friends Video U can Find some links here and also u got they Channel Like and Subs to support our friends :D
Epic BF3 tank shotzz | MBT Semper Fidelis
BF3 PC Tank/RPG Montage: Long Distance [Chilltage] Sit Back Relax and enjoy the Extreme shots :)

Dead bodies pave my way...
Nice to meet you


Battlefield 3 Montage

Battlefiled 3: Scout Heli

Battlefield 3: Episode #7 - Tank montage 2

Battlefield 3 Tank gameplay (245-0) Damavand peak
LgC_Moriarty Sniper Clearout
Anti Air Sniper III


Platoon feed

  • BF42-Warrior wrote on the wall for Air LeGenDs:
  • k4t4r4 wrote on the wall for Air LeGenDs:
    Retartds on DICE and EA this is how serious Games works . i report him yesterday night ... in afew hours he is checked and Banned ...
  • k4t4r4 wrote on the wall for Air LeGenDs:
    Retards on Dice and EA look here to learn how to care about your game . PubG every week Servers update and security ... also now they are on #27 Patch and bug fixs .
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    Flare_dE PUBG, like CS:GO, generates revenue continuously through skins and such. That way, they can fund long-term development. This is not a strategy EA pursued with Battlefield 3
    3 weeks ago
    shrikey Yeah, EA has no money for maintaining games older than 6 months...
    2 weeks ago
  • k4t4r4 wrote on the wall for Air LeGenDs:
    Hi Guys . Donations is open for any one want to help to collect money for paying servers and seeders. help us keep it alive . Next Week i gonna make some changes on admins to be more fair for all and more balanced to Health of server . .
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    biIIymiIligan yeah my friend =DD
    3 weeks ago
    k4t4r4 ;D
    3 weeks ago
  • Kvator wrote on the wall for Air LeGenDs: only hover us hero basecamp
  • k4t4r4 wrote on the wall for Air LeGenDs:
    hi mates . we looking for donations to keep the servers alives . any help will be thanxsfull !
  • BF42-Warrior wrote on the wall for Air LeGenDs:
  • Twitch_ameerwali wrote on the wall for Air LeGenDs: come over and join me :)
  • k4t4r4 wrote on the wall for Air LeGenDs:
    Player Report _Mantraxxx_ banned for 1 Week for Hovering . i join server and whole round just Hovering .i warning but he total avoid the Warnings and server rule . a moment i see him very High almost close to the moon and Solo with VIper and just Hover. Next gonna be Perm. Also Next time i find Hovering players like this whole round Just Redzone Hover or farming like this gonna be banned without kick/kill warning . Server got a Fair rule for the other 62 players that play on flags etc. its not fair to Hover like this and keep a TV distance only For 2 hours round and just farming on infantry players . Hover is allowed but normal hovering flying around not on Redzone and in main base .
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    oldy25 rubba never hover! rubba never insult! rubba best of the best!
    2 months ago
    Flare_dE he's the way he is
    2 months ago