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Platoon Presentation

--== Welcome to BTX Battlefield Community ==--

Hate playing by yourself? Looking for an organized group that communicate and have fun? We are looking for active and dedicated players that enjoy good teamwork and winning but can also take defeat in stride. There are no KDR or SPM requirements. We just ask that you have a working mic and join our discord server.

Our rules of engagement:
1. To have fun
2. Respect to all members of the platoon, if anyone is having issues talk to one of the leaders/founders.
3. Any form of racism will NOT be tolerated.
4. Be able to work as team as in game we all have key roles.
5. Microphone is a required as we use a lot of communication and tactics. ( English Speaking Required )
6. Traitors will be kicked and banned. No exceptions.
7. No hacking/cheating. Will result in permanent global ban.
8. Register on our website be active in the forum and post as regularly as possible.
9. Play as often as you can. The more you play the better you get!
10. You must wear our platoon tag BTX
11. Help fill the servers when numbers are low.
12. If for any reason any player is going to be away or absent for more than two weeks, the Admins/Leaders must be made aware. If you tell us your plans, we have no issues with absences such as this.
13. Double clanning is not allowed!
14. Don't be afraid to ask for help! Need assignments ask for help.

This Platoon is for our active clan members! Feel free to join our community pages!

BTX Battlefield 4 Community Platoon page (Battlelog) []

Shareable link:


If you would like to donate, please follow the below link: []

There is no such thing as a small donation anything helps as running these servers are quite expensive.


If you have recruitment questions please contact any of our leaders on discord or ingame or apply on the platoon page itself.


Thank you for all your support and thanks for playing on our server.

Note: if your punkbuster doesn't auto-update for some reason: [] manual updater
download link for punkbuster client.