Dogfight Academy
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...Training and improvement zone for jet pilots... first video enjoy ! Stop Eject Campaign - Support us :'( 100th Jet star =) enjoy Like a Sir my last jet video enjoy ! =) Stealth Jet Tutorial Battlefield 4

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  • monalisacry пишет на стене взвода Dogfight Academy: - Battlefield 4 Stealth Jet Tutorial -
  • XaocRB пишет на стене взвода Dogfight Academy:
    Monalisa make a video where you df vs good pilot as a lt rob, padski or clear darkz... very interesting
    monalisacry i dont believe 1vs1 dogfight in bf3 because its non realistic and pointless also im flying with joystick not pressing just a button to make manuevers. That gives me a great disadvantage after 5 mins dogfight. I hope in bf4 the G
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