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*******Note all members have been kicked as we are creating a new system. whiplash has make a post in the main CMC wall explaining everything*******

CMC Generals is a branch of CMC for members that are very dedicated to CMC.

To be eligible to join, you must be in CMC Captains, and be wearing the CMC4 tag, be an active member of CMC for 2 month or more, played with 5 leaders and 5 members, and be rank 45 or higher. If you are not rank 45, you can make up for this by posting 20 or more recruitment posts. These are the requirements, they are more of a guide then a set template and you getting in will be decided on a case by case basis.

To join, you can either apply and the leaders will decide to let you in or not, or you could just wait to be promoted.

Once in this platoon, you should change your tag to CMC3. This tag represents your rank in CMC. Wear it with pride and honour.

To keep this platoon from becoming innactive, anyone innactive for longer than a 2 weeks will be kicked. You will also be kicked if you have not posted anything on the wall for over a 3 week.

We love hearing from our members. If you ever have anything on your mind that you would like to share, please feel free to share it with us!

This is a worldwide platoon where people all around the world play together for the better of the Colonial Marine Corps. We want everyone to enjoy being members of this platoon

Basic CMC Commanders Guidelines:

1. You MUST wear the CMC3 clan tag.

2. Alert the leaders if you will be innactive for longer than 2 weeks, otherwise you will be kicked.

3. You should try to be active as possible.

4. When it comes down to joining other platoons. You must notify leaders if you do so.

5. We ask all members to respect the leaders and in turn, the leaders will respect you.

6. Mics are essential (Kinect does not count unfortunately)

7. Respect your fellow platoon mates.

8. You should always have fun!

9. It is your right as a CMC3 member to play with other CMC members, wether it be for fun or competitively or both.

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