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    Thank you for the warm welcome, I just would like to introduce myself. I am from a small town in Wales called Llandielo in Carmarthenshire, i have moved to Thailand and have been living in Chiang mai for over 2 years. I have my own gaming cafe over here. I have been playing BC2 and BF3 on the ps3 for the last 4 years and put thousands of hours into the games. I have seen the light with the pc version its much better, but my skills with the keyboard and mouse are letting me down at the moment. I always play the objective and help my fellow team mates. As i am new to the pc version can someone give me some pointers about what game chat software you use so I can join in. Also what sort of specs will I need for bf4? I currently have i3 dual core 4gb ram gt530 win 7 pro 64bit acer preditor. I can run bf3 on medium at 50 to 60 fps oc will this be enough for bf4 or should i get 4gb more ram. Sorry for the massive post - thank you
    WickedS1337 Hi only advice i can give is just practice really, we not using any chat software as the group is not very active at the moment is always good to have a good team player i hope to see you in game sometime, oh and the best thing
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    PeawJai Thanks for the heads up.
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    Welcome new members :)
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    3 months late. but Newport
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    Hey guys!:D where are you guys from in Wales?