I Got Your Back!
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We Play together when ever possible, If you see a Clan member playing, back him up!

We always stick together and play together. Improving our Teamwork is all what this platoon is about
Always stay with your team and don't wonder off and get yourself killed without any backup.

Anyone who has friends they play with "regularly" are welcome to invite them and join our platoon. We will have a 4 week trial period for new recruit to monitor activities of the new member. During this time trial member are to wear the tag [KGYB} - KindaGotYourBack, this will allow members to identify you and back you up on the server. You will find that everyone one of us are team players and value teamwork strongly.
We require new recruits to join us on teamspeak and have fun together, it is what this clan is all about, have fun while chatting and taking down objectives as one.

Apply to join here: http://igotyourback.enjin.com/recruitment

It's important that we recruit only those who CAN WORK WELL WITH US AS A TEAM.
A Sniper wondering off alone in a corner of the map and unable to assist the team nor get revived are a burden not an asset (Unless your KDR is 5+ or constantly spotting enemy close to the team). A lone wolf wondering off trying to find his own pray is not a teammate. We watch out for each other and always work on improving team play reaction and decisions.
We expect a reasonable presence within the clan community, those who joined but never interact with the clan will likely to be removed.

Only regulars gamers are allowed in the Platoon, minimum 3 hours a week(guideline only).
Anyone goes on holiday or work/study committments are exempted of course!

If you have never shown up or communicated to "any" of the platoon members, you will likely to be removed from the platoon until you have proven to be part of the team.

Regular and Mature members of the platoon will be promoted to Server Admins, leader of clan and teamspeak admin to help management of our servers and recruit reinforcements.

We will be going into Battlefield 4 and this will be all part of the training leading into the new Platoon in BF4. A new battefield 4 Server will be hosted as soon as BF4 launches.

Teamspeak is mandatory on clan nights, you don't have to talk but you will need to know what our team is doing. We will coordinate offensively through different teamspeak channels.
We will have different channels for different squads and only squad leaders can communciate with other squads leaders through programmed hot-key (called Channel Commander)
(how to setup teamspeak hot key for channel commander: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReosFJZQYHE)
This is to reduce noise and redundent intel during combat so each squad can focus on their own task.
You are expected to wear the Clan Tag when playing together as the server will exempt you from being balanced to a different team and allow you to stay together with friends.

(Don't forget to wear woodland Camo for team uniform, this will also allow you to identify clan brothers even if they are killed, so you know which one you want to revive first)

You can connect to our main TS server from the website.
Our backup TS server is: ts36.gameservers.com:9435
Our Clan Practice Server:

Battlefield 4 Main Server: I Got Your Back! [IGYB] Dedicated SQDM @ IP:
Port: 25200
We welcome any suggestion to help us improve as a team!

Clan website: http://www.igotyourback.enjin.com/

Want to scrim with our clan?? Register here: http://www.igotyourback.enjin.com/scrim

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