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=7i= is a group of people who are in it for the love of the game. We enjoy hanging out and meeting new players from all over the world. We have a no nonsense no bullshit attitude. If you come to play then play hard. If you come to watch then watch closely, if you come to bitch, then pack it up and take that shit somewhere else. =7i= Do or Die

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  • Demrok пишет на стене взвода =7i= Gaming:
    Hey All! Hope you guys are well, just got my account back after being hacked... Damn Russians... Anyway, I'm not dead, just been busy. Hope you're all doing well and still shooting up the place ;)
  • 7iKiwii пишет на стене взвода =7i= Gaming:
    Greetings and happy new year - just got BF3 Premium so can finally play the new clan server!
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    7iKiwii I got joined up already, just haven't sorted tags, and dunno how to take 7i out of my origin name
    7 г. назад
    Co0llBre3ze There is a way to change your name, but the last place I saw the link was on the =7i= forum. lol
    7 г. назад