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Ventrilo Etiquette:
If you are invited to use Shepherd's Ventrilo, then please keep the following in mind:
We enjoy using the vent channel so that we can effectively communicate with each other in game to support tactical game play.

Here are some general guidelines.

1) You are a guest in the channel, therefore be respectful of the people who brought you in.

2) Do not talk over other people.

3) Do not have discussions about (insert any random topic here) while we are playing. It is distracting and we can't hear what is going on around us. If you need to have a conversation with someone, kindly ask them to join you in an empty channel in the server, or use the Battlelog chat.

4) Do not invite other people into the vent channel on our behalf. If you would like someone to join us, then let us (PC, Woodsie or Rowsdower) know first.

Check out for video game commentary and discussion ALWAYS from the PC perspective! Subscribe and join us on the field of battle!

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