the high council
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    Mauser420 Dunno why I put UK cos I'm not classed as part of the UK.......
    6 г. назад
  • TO_HULL_N_BACK пишет на стене взвода the high council:
    Chris/Lee why don't you start a list of the W##kers/server owners who anyone gets banned from for no reason then we something to refer to. you could possibly use the 'platoon presentation' for it then it can't be added to without your okay?
    Mauser420 We get banned so oftern now that I really can't be bothered to spend time on it, plenty of other servers out there, I just leave a comment and that's it, my comment is now logged on battlelog, fuck argueing with some little dic
    6 г. назад
    Mauser420 Be fun actually if someone could be bothered to record and edit a vid of every server they get kicked/banned from........mmmmm might be worth it... think I'm going to keep little edits in a seperate file with each server deta
    6 г. назад