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=WCK= is a clan dedicated to providing a fun gaming environment for both its members and public players. We support teamwork and fair gameplay. If you are interested in joining the clan, visit our website at www.wckclan.net and fill out an application. We have members ranging from ages 8 to 70, and we accept players of all skill levels. We currently have three servers in Battlefield 3, six Battlefield 4 servers, seven Battlefield: Bad Company 2 servers, one Minecraft server, and one Battlefield 2142 server.

=WCK= is all about respect. We do not allow ANYONE to be disrespectful on our game servers or our teamspeak. When joining our teamspeak, please do not use foul language as we do have some younger members. For Ban Appeals. Goto wckclan.net.

Our public Teamspeak 3 server:

For those interested: Bad Company 2 (BC2) has a Vietnam night on the first Friday of every month. Please go and have fun.

If you would like to make a donation, please do so on our website. All donations are much appreciated.
=WCK= is funded by both its members and the public players. Without donations, our servers cannot continue to exist! We encourage and very much appreciate all donations.

Have fun and happy gaming!

Our Battlefield 3 servers:
=WCK= Operation Metro

Founder - Tonyp
President - JonGreen1942
Vice President - Modizzle

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