Тэг: [2142] Фанаты: 120 Создано: 24.11.2011

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**** To Apply To Join [2142] Please Add pervy2high as a Friend .*****

***** Platoon Rules . Wear the Badge , Wear the Tag [2142] , Help Start the Servers when Required and The Obvious , No Cheating , Glitching or Hacking of any Kind !! *****


***** We are UK Based and as such most Members Only speak English . Please Only Apply if you have a Firm Grasp of English .To Apply Add pervy2high as a Friend and he'll walk you through Application Process .Mind check each servers rules when you join by typing !rules *****

***** JOIN US ON TEAMSPEAK 3 , *****

***** Server Details : This Server is Provided by ( ) . It is Paid For and Maintained By Squeeze and pervy2high *****

***** BANS AND APPEALS *****
If you'd like to appeal a ban initiated on this server Contact pervy2high or Squeeze !

***** Friends of [2142] *****

- The Real WonkaWarriors -!/bf3/platoon/283265524163472272


Лента взвода

  • WildRuss вступает во взвод BrigGens
    morgs777 Think u need to give me rcon to stop clan stacking and uneven teams :}
    4 г. назад
  • 77theagle пишет на стене взвода BrigGens:
    hey Guys, I'm leaving the platoon,reason> i can't play play BF4 just because my computer can't handle the game and i'm not gonna buy another one.It's not fair against other platoon members i can't help start our servers Just staying at BF3. Thnx for the time i had with you all,specially to Squeeze,Shiva and Pervy. Goodluck with the platoon guys. Thnx again
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    Squeeze buy a better pc ya bumm for bf5 or 2143 , or whatever these muppets make next , see ya soon man
    5 г. назад
    pervy2high sorry its late man had a broke pc :( im really sorry to see u go man ........but fully understand why... as squeeze sais ur welcomed bk anytime.... good luck with ur fighting in bf3
    5 г. назад
  • D-O-A-STIG исключается из взвода BrigGens.
  • Squeeze пишет на стене взвода BrigGens:
    still 12 members not accepted theyre straight invites into the toon, if u guys log in soon, plz accept the bf4 invite to the platoon, thank u ,
    Howgii Hi, i got falsely banned today from your Operation Locker server for having a 40% headshot ratio.
    3 г. назад
  • 0o_Clown_o0 пишет на стене взвода BrigGens:
    No Admins on again today, getting spawn raped, rocket launcher sat in opponents spawn with AA.
  • Wee-Shiva пишет на стене взвода BrigGens:
    Can All 2142 Members who are on BF4 please apply to join 2142 via BF4 Platoon page or Accept the invites that have been sent out all ready . Thank You !
  • 0o_Clown_o0 пишет на стене взвода BrigGens:
    need admin in K2 got some guy usa Volksbank level 2 24-5 k/d people complaining
  • 0o_Clown_o0 пишет на стене взвода BrigGens:
    What happened to new forums?
  • FroGGy_tHe_Green пишет на стене взвода BrigGens:
    sorry last days no time for gameing to manny working.................................
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    pervy2high man its ok dont worry,u put in all the time everyone needs to work or have real life :)
    5 г. назад
    FroGGy_tHe_Green thx buddy
    5 г. назад