Men Of Mayhem
Тэг: [MoM] Фанаты: 63 Создано: 25.11.2011

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We came. We saw. We conquered.

Contact any of the platoon leaders to organise matches.

Clan battles are Friday nights at 9pm GMT +2 / SAST

Recruitment is unfortunately closed at the moment.

General platoon rules:

1. Add as many members as you can on Xbox Live and battlelog if possible, wear the MoM clan tags please.

2. Use your mic! Join in on a member's party if there is one. If you see more than 8 members in a match, switch the in-game voip to team chat.

3.All members to check battlelog for scrims every 48 hours please. . . Any problems contact 1 of the platoon leaders.

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  • xxGIZMO404xx пишет на стене взвода Men Of Mayhem:
    Heya guys. Are we gonna kickstart this brotherhood again once BF4 on next gen hits? :D
  • UberOwl пишет на стене взвода Men Of Mayhem:
  • BIOHAZARD23 пишет на стене взвода Men Of Mayhem:
    R.I.P MoM it was a good ride gents!
  • TSprout пишет на стене взвода Men Of Mayhem:
    I going to leave also, this platoon is dead now. I'm sure anyone who still plays regularly and wants to do matches etc can join AVi. R.I.P. MoM
  • BonesMalones88 пишет на стене взвода Men Of Mayhem:
    Hey guys I've tried my best to keep the platoon going but sadly the time has come to call it so im leaving. If everyone decides to make a comeback please invite me back otherwise ill see who ever on xbl cheers
  • nicow747 пишет на стене взвода Men Of Mayhem:
    MoM R.I.P but thanks to all the players and to the best 1st team that there ever was in sa.
    3X0C3T Yea shame really but Bones was the only leader that ever came online and as he said hardly any other team members came on so unfortunately it has died.
    7 г. назад
  • UberOwl пишет на стене взвода Men Of Mayhem:
    No one shows care to this platoon... Leaders take action lets raise it from the dead. Set up a SQ DM Team or SQ Rush or 8 vs 8 Hardcore Rush i dont know something. Im always online on dashboard if not send msg il read as soon as i go online!!! Hooaahhh!!!
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    Loam_Haystack i'm on nearly every night but ya, haven't seen much of us around lately
    7 г. назад
    3X0C3T Loam apply here: :) would be great to have you onboard!
    7 г. назад
  • FancyCharles665 пишет на стене взвода Men Of Mayhem:
    Dudes, I'm bailing out of this platoon. It's just too dead for my liking plus all the guys in here who still play are now In AVi so we will play together there. Was great meeting many SA gamers and playing with you guys.
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    FancyCharles665 I just saw a tumble weed blow past.
    7 г. назад
    ZegramZA AVi is awesome platoon to be part off, if you want to join an active platoon DTF's doors are open as well...Really miss some of you oaks...where is the rage???
    7 г. назад
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