No One Dies Alone
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This platoon is for all those times when you were playing as a public player and wanted to tell something to your teammate or ask something from your teammate and just simply didn't get a response or died in the process while typing and trying to stay vigilant. Say for instance when you want to repair a tank, and the little bugger drives away on you!

Let's face it, typing in a sentence can be like putting your gun down and tying your shoelace in the middle of a gunfight. How much nicer if you only have to speak. (or those without mics, listening to the chat instead of reading it when you want to be aiming)

That's what we're about. A better time playing.
I hope to attract a group of friends that can all play together without the aggravation of playing with strangers or starting new with every server you join.

This is not the Gestapo, so the expectations are just about zero. Over time we've identified some good ideas and things that work. The clan is set up so that The Standard Operating Procedure for a new recruit can be anything as simple as showing up to play and having fun, all the way to helping run the day to day work that's needed to support a clan.

Bottom line, it's up to you how much you want to do!

Thanks for the interest.
We'll see you in our crosshairs.

|NODA| DeeVeeOss


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