Masters Of Troll
Тэг: [MoT] Фанаты: 12 Создано: 11.03.2013

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Rules of this Platoon:

1. When invited to this special Platoon you will feel honored and gratefully accept!

2. Upon encountering a camping sniper (or any camper for that matter and hereafter referred to as FAGS), you will NOT use a knife BUT either a Repair tool or C4 or a Defibrillator.
You will then proceed to T-Bag the crap out of said FAG.

3.When asked by your fellow Troll Platoon members to assist in trolling unsuspecting FAGS and/or noobs, you will gratefully accept the invite.

4. You will spread the word about this platoon and its corresponding AWESOMENESS to all your friends.

5. If you have friends that do not understand what trolling is, you will gladly explain and demonstrate your profession. (You may ask them for physical favours in return)

6. You will be creative when trolling FAGS and/or Noobs. Special bonus ranks within MoT will be rewarded to Uber-Awesome-Trolls. These include: Making it to Chaaboys Top 5 plays by trolling, Troll-Wiping an entire Squad and/or more. Chaining successful trolls, motivating your team to join in the Troll and lastly, being devoted to your chosen profession.

7. You hereby swear to uphold the values of the Masters of Troll:

I, (insert your name here), hereby swear to troll with intent, for the gamers, by the gamers and to troll to my utmost capabilities. Furthermore, I swear to wreck my brain until it hurts to create the perfect troll scenario, train apprentice trolls and respect the troll elders and founders.

May the Trolls be with you!

PS: THIS is our anthem, our pride, our everything! KNOW IT BY HEART!

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