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Welcome to KLAs scrim page

This is for the more competitive players that want to represent KLA. We will be doing practices against and with each other before we scrim.

Talk to Leaders about recruitment if MOST leader say yes then you will get a invite to join

There are 2 servers that belong to KLA at the moment, just search KLA. We also have another page for new recruits called Kings Lair Australia.
Before you apply for KLAs, you must have the following:

- Kill death ratio of 1.5
- Score per minute of 400
exceptions MAY be allowed in some circumstances with approval from the leaders.
- Must work well in a team enviroment and suggest things when approriate.

What we are looking for:

- Chopper Pilots/ gunners
- Jets pilots
- Tank/ Lav drivers

Contact Leaders on here for recruitment only

Rules :

- Play regularly with KLAs members
- attend training and scrims
- if you say your going to play a scrim and dont turn up. 1 strike, 3 strikes your out for a period of what the leaders decide. Msg a leader if u cant make it if u have already said u can.
- Badmining well get u a kick if i recieve multiple complaints about you
- NO commenting on battle reports unless its directly at you
- Disrespect ONLY andrew :)

Contact minigunrocks or Andrew for a possible scrim or practice match or meeting

If caught playing without KLAs tags, you will be questioned about it. Unless your reason for not wearing them is valid, you will be booted without further enquiries.
KLA Practice:

On KLA scrim server.
Server will be unlocked to see how well you go against members of the public time will be given advance for training
you will get a message to sent from who is leading the practices or selected leaders

Training will be two days before or more a scrim

- If you cant make it for practice, please let one of the leaders or members know

Upcoming Scrims:

 ̿ ̿’̿’\̵͇̿̿\з==(•̪●)==ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿  

Scrim Results:
GAMR: 1 - 2 loss
DCA: 0-3 loss
187: 1-2 loss
ROO: 3-0 win
CORP: 0 - 3 loss
MR: 2 - 1 win
SOA: 2 - 1 win
BBF: 2 - 1 win
LOCQ: 0 - 3 loss
GAMR: 0 - 3 loss
LOCQ B Team: 0 - 3

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  • Minigunrocks пишет на стене взвода KLAs:
    good game guys and girls that was good fun should do this more often to zap Russian i am sorry about stowie and his kicking of you you can go and take it up with him i will not be setting up anymore scrim in till BF4 and KLAs won it was very close all games only a few kills in it
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    Minigunrocks devil started it
    7 г. назад
    idontneedthat1 ^ the truth is in these last two posts
    7 г. назад
  • Minigunrocks пишет на стене взвода KLAs:
    Friendly scrim this tuseday if you are in it you will get sent a invite it will be at 8 pm QLD time
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    Stowie16 Good turn up guys was fun for some of them
    7 г. назад
    Pixie_Tricks what thing with tiky?
    7 г. назад
  • ELMOGOOSE исключается из взвода KLAs.
  • Minigunrocks пишет на стене взвода KLAs:
    Friendly scrim is a go will it will be on the Monday or Tuesday let me know if you can not make it the time will be at 8:00 prepare for Carnegie
  • ColesEmployee пишет на стене взвода KLAs:
    Can you put me in either KLA or KLAs team?
    Minigunrocks yep sure thing dude
    7 г. назад
  • Minigunrocks пишет на стене взвода KLAs:
    The KLAs is now a invite only platoon to let someone join you have to get most of the leader permission to let them join we will be cracking down on who we let join the platoon this is to all KLAs members and Leaders
  • GiRLx-_-xGaMeR пишет на стене взвода KLAs:
    Heys Everyone... I just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in having a friendly scrim against GAMR (Phantom Squad) ?? If there is enough players interested I will try organising a game for next weekend =) xx
    Minigunrocks yeah when
    7 г. назад
  • Minigunrocks пишет на стене взвода KLAs:
    Will be setting my sever to a sniper only for one day to see how many people join in will kik if you dont use a sniper
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    GiRLx-_-xGaMeR Kullym & I did try a sniper only server awhile ago but honestly if there isn't an admin there ppl just use assault or yucky shotguns =S
    7 г. назад
    Minigunrocks you dont go on the right one i have one which is mostly sniper only
    7 г. назад
  • idontneedthat1 пишет на стене взвода KLAs:
    My thoughts on accepting any new members into this platoon is that they need to earn their spot in the platoon (ie play with multiple members and then get voted in by the leaders) otherwise this will just end up as a third KLA platoon. KLA members can still scrim obviously but there needs to be some form of exclusivity to this KLAs platoon. Thoughts?
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    WhatAGayName best thing todo is.just have your best players in the scrim team
    7 г. назад
    Stowie16 That happened ages ago different now i guess when u look at the numbers
    7 г. назад