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KITT is a union of several people from different countries like Germany, Ukraine and Russia whose highest priority is team play. No matter which game it is - we always help together.

We play many games as we started with Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, went on with Minecraft to Battlefield 3. We also play DayZ and for the old school gamers Age of Empires.

And no matter which game but especially on Battlefield team play is the most important thing to win a game. If you play Battlefield with us you have to take care of your squad and your team.
Just an example: If you are engineer and the assault of your squad dies it's your job to kill the murderer and then take the kit/weapon of the assault and rez him. Btw you can also do the same with a team mate.

Next important rule is communication. You cant be very effective if you dont talk to each other. Spot the enemies and reveal its position to your squad.

Team play and communication also brings the fun to the game. We all get along really well and always have a lot of fun when talking in TeamSpeak. So if you want to join this platoon a working headset and TeamSpeak are obligatory.

We don't care that much about K/D or the rank because both will change automatically when you play together. If you are interested you are allowed to appeal for a participation in our Platoon.

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