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  • Dead-Sync started playing Final Stand for Battlefield 4
    • 4 all-new multiplayer maps set in cold, northern Russia
    • 2 new experimental Battle Pickups: XD-1 Accipiter, a remote controlled weaponized drone and Rorsch MK-1, a handheld railgun
    • 1 new stationary weapon: the Schipunov 42 multi-barrel gun
    • 1 new gadget: DS-3 Decoy, a disinformation device
    • 1 new attachment: Target Detector, an automated spotting device
    • 2 new vehicles: a fast, agile snowmobile and the HT-95 Levkov hover tank prototype
    • 13 new assignments with unlocks for each (5 Premium exclusive)
  • Dead-Sync
    It's been about 6 months since I've been active in Battlelog or Battlefield at all - I'm curious, how's the state of Battlefield right now? I never played Final Stand yet and am slightly curious as to
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    DeadlySynz Yea, I got tired of Destiny and I traded it in. I wasnt too sure about hard line at first but more i played the beta the more i liked it so I will be picking it up tues and final fantasy type -0
    4 years ago
    Dead-Sync Cool, may not get it day 1, but I think I eventually will. Played BF4 a bit and it was pretty good.
    4 years ago
  • Dead-Sync commented on the blog Battlefield 4 “Fall Patch” Coming Soon
    This is very nice, and potentially, if it does what it says it does, could be the final significant patch for Battlefield 4. Unfortunately, for me personally, it comes a bit too late. Battlefield 4 has been a very enjoyable game, but the slowdown of updates and communication the past few months, and many other great games out there (Diablo 3, Destiny, The Last of Us Remastered) I haven't found myself visiting BF4 at all. That said I'll probably be back a bit for Final Stand so it's nice to know I'll be returning to an improved game.
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  • Dead-Sync
    Well, the bad parts of the internet took away my Diablo 3 night with my friend, but it can't take away all games! TLoU: Remastered Collectable Hunting went great!
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    Well im happy to say im officially home and ready to get back into the Battlefield vibe :)
    Dead-Sync Nice man, welcome back! I'll probably be playing The Last of Us a lot this weekend, as I also need to do the DLC Campaign (and the MP is pretty amazing as well) but I definitely do plan on trying to reach rank 130 so If I'm hopp...
    4 years ago
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    I'm close to one kill with every weapon. Just the improvised and neck knives (dont have either) and the skid loader and HJ8 launcher. Do you know where else I can find the HJ8 other than paracel ?
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    thewanderer34 Thank you for your help , I did it.
    4 years ago
    Dead-Sync Woo!
    4 years ago