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The Plan for Platoons in Battlefield 4

SE Angeworben: 2013-05-05
2013-10-02 16:19
If you’ve been playing the Battlefield 4 Beta, you might be wondering: “Where are the Platoons from Battlefield 3?” We are looking at introducing Platoons for Battlefield 4 in early 2014. We know this is a very popular feature for Battlefield players that have been used by thousands of fans, and as such we are preparing to bring it back into Battlefield 4. As we do this, we’re also very eager to hear what new functions you would like to see. Battlelog has always been an organic service that constantly changes and grows together with you, the community – so please; share your thoughts on the BF4 forums! We’ll be able to share more of our plans for the upcoming Battlefield 4 Platoons feature later.
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EG Angeworben: 2013-01-06
2013-10-02 16:23
GB Angeworben: 2012-06-05
2013-10-02 16:37
If it's a popular feature for players, why are platoons not in BF4 in the first place?
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SE Angeworben: 2013-05-05
2013-10-02 16:40
They will be, in early 2014. Until then, please let us know what you'd like to see happen with the feature.
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US Angeworben: 2011-10-26
2013-10-02 16:46
if you could please provide us with a way to party up into a group larger than a single squad (preferably the size of a team) it would be great. You guys obviously have built the game with the philosophy that working together is better than lone wolfing, yet where it counts you dont support that type of play.

Why cant I team up with a full lobby of friends, talk together, strategize together and play. Why all the restrictions to team chat, 5 man lobbies etc?

I would really appreciate insight into this because the game just feels haphazard to me. I dont care whether I win or lose because I dont feel like my squad really has any impact on the outcome of the game. Its a game, its competitive, I want to care, I need a reason to keep pushing objectives and now there isnt one. Communities / Clans like mine, would flock to your game if you made team play something standard. .
US Angeworben: 2011-10-25
2013-10-02 16:53
agree with the man above me.
US Angeworben: 2011-10-24
2013-10-02 17:19
Captain_Kipling said:
If it's a popular feature for players, why are platoons not in BF4 in the first place?

This is exactly my thinking; how could you launch this without a "popular" feature ready to go?
MX Angeworben: 2012-02-07
2013-10-02 17:21
New functions I'd like to see:

1-. Save at least 2 different customized soldiers on each class so we don't have to customize soldiers before each spawn.

It takes a lot of time to find and switch to the proper camo for each match and It's annoying to switch it at the beginning of each map i.e. No one uses urban camo on caspian border as no one uses veteran camo on metro. Before each match you know what to expect so you spawn in with let's say your engineer class with rpg's and mines but it'll be great to automatically switch to the stinger + repair tool engineer. Same applies to the run and gun support guy with an M27IAR and c4 compared to the guy providing suppresive fire with the Pecheneg and claymores. That's what i call agressive or defensive soldiers on each class.

2. The ability to switch tags between each spawn.

3. An order to attack or defend an specific radius area, not an objective.

4. Encourage teamwork either by limiting the number of classes in a squad or having the ability to create specific class squads. I hate looking at 80% of my team sniping away from the objectives while the rest tries to play the objective. This could be done on some specific servers so everybody can choose the type of game to play.

5. Noob friendly servers. Create specific official DICE/EA servers for low rank soldiers.

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US Angeworben: 2011-10-25
2013-10-02 17:24
why not in bf4?
US Angeworben: 2011-10-26
2013-10-02 17:47
Make it to where we can vote out or pass on the platoon founder position to another person. Also make it to where we can either create platoon logos from uploaded pictures without having to use Gravatar, or give more options to do it from scratch.
US Angeworben: 2011-10-24
2013-10-02 17:56
I say take your time and fine tune the heck out of it, we can wait.
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GB Angeworben: 2011-11-19
2013-10-02 18:28

- Option to privatise the platoon wall or certain platoon posts so that only platoon members can see them.

e.g. when preparing for a battle vs. an enemy platoon, you want to be able to post tactics and strategies for the upcoming match without the enemy being able to see it all!

Some options to assign members into designated squads that you can name would be nice as well.
Alpha - Infantry
- randomplayer1
-random player2

Bravo - Naval
- random player 3

They did it to ruin Battlefield...
US Angeworben: 2012-04-05
2013-10-02 18:34
Have a forum or section on the platoon home page that allows platoonmates to write to eachother without other platoons being able to see it...
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US Angeworben: 2011-10-28
2013-10-02 18:48
id like to see the ojbectives change locations each time you play game to keep game play fresh (or at least have it as an option)

id like to see at least up to 24 players on xbox and not 12....your maps were soo big and useless cause there werent enough players to fill assuming this is because xbox is outdated?

if technologically possible create massive battlefield events where there are 100s of people playing game at same time on some new or existing a D-DAY event
US Angeworben: 2011-10-25
2013-10-02 19:10
I would like to see some abilities similar to the " Missions" -

My clan ( Clan) often holds "Weekly Clan Events" where we all hop online and compete for a pre-chosen objective. In the past these objectives have been "have the most squad assists" or "have the highest General Score" or "Have the most pistol kills". In the past (BF3), I had to manually go and find all of this information out, usually in collaboration with

It would be SUPER awesome to be able to set some type of "objective" like this up with our platoon, so the process for tracking the "winner" of these weekly clan events is less involved.
Ideas for this:

The ability to set an Objective (either from a drop-down pre-populated list of objectives or by selecting various displayed options, like "most pistol kills" for example)

The ability to set a time-limit for the "Objective" (something like "track this for the next 6 hours" or "track this on this date at this time" or "pull this stat result from the last 20 battle reports")

The ability to select players to be involved in this "mission" (of course the default would be to include everyone in the platoon, but it may be nice to have the ability to add some other players, including players that may not be a member of the platoon)

What do you think about this "feature request"? Is it something that might be possible?
Thank you so much for everything that you've done for us!
US Angeworben: 2011-10-25
2013-10-02 20:21
Private chat box/thread that non members cannot see.

Ability to pass leadership.
Let console players launch a game from a laptop or tablet.
Ability to create emblems from scratch.
US Angeworben: 2011-10-26
2013-10-02 20:46
I'm assuming this post is in regards to Platoons via Battlelog and using the clan tag of said platoon in the game. If this is the case....

How the F does a game in 2013, with as big of a launch as BF4 is supposed to have, as hyped as it is, as much as it promotes "teamwork" and the past experience you've had launch WITHOUT PLATOON SUPPORT? Are you effing kidding me?

There is no nice way to put this DICE. 2014 for platoon support in a multiplayer game? This is an absolute joke. I'm so tired of developers cutting crap that should be an absolute necessity that its killing me. This alone makes me consider canceling the pre-order because I'm tired of developers doing this stupid crap. Killzone 2 had better in-game clan support and options than any game I can recall and yet here we are in 2013, with BF3 and Battlelog with BF3 under your belts and we don't get platoon support at launch?

No effing pats on the back for you guys. What a fricken joke.

Now that I've got that off my chest. Whenever you do get around to including what should already be in the game how about making clan matches easier to setup via battlelog (times always being an issue). Here's a couple other points:

1. Limit the number of players that can be invited to platoon vs platoon matches. Maybe only like 2 or 3 more than were actually invited. This way people can't just create huge lists if their team doesn't show up which would normally be a forfeit.

2. Require that invited players must have the clan tag for that clan on or they can't be invited. I'd like to see this expanded to even bigger requirement that people can only join platoon vs platoon matches on battlelog if they've wore that clan tag for atleast 2 weeks or something close to that to prevent merc squads from being formed just for a clan match when they don't in fact represent that clan at all.

3. Have results of clan matches also display player stats from each round/map.

4. Private chat to only the platoon as others above my post have said. Private messages would be nice to but my team does that through our own site so whatever.

Back to my original point.... wth were you guys thinking not putting in Platoon support for launch? Give me more reasons to take my time and money some where else.
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US Angeworben: 2012-08-21
2013-10-02 21:34
Why would you guys put the same vehicles that we know how to use in the beta!!!! TF are you doing why wouldn't you guys put some of the NEW VECHICLES in the beta????? instead you give us new weapons and you guys change the control lay out?? why please explain to me why you would change all this! its BULLS***
US Angeworben: 2012-04-19
2013-10-02 22:02
Honestly. F THIS MAN. I've cancled my BF4 Pre-Order ︻デ═一
Angeworben: 2012-04-30
2013-10-02 22:25
i also have two preorders for this game and if i have waited all this time and it is still locking up every 5 min i will sell them and go back to call of duty!!!!
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