[FLS] Front Line Soldiers

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Erstellt: 25.06.2014

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Front Line Soldiers.

Everybody fights no one quits, don't do your job and I'll kill you myself.

Never leave a man behind!

If you're a medic you better be reviving every guy that goes down, if you're a engineer you better be taking every tank that we see down. If you're a support you better be laying down ammo and Claymore'ing shit up.

Aek or U gay u! if you aint hopping about, are you even in fls?

Only for the OG soldiers that fight on the front line!
If you're a camper? GTFO
If your favourite gun is XM25? GTFO




faggot cucksuckers
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Confronted casually admin doom3d 4 talkin shit bout their rigged server kd when it comes 2 "friends" who r way above dat... Got some genuine rage and bitchass kick 4 dat...yeah, I get it...ur server, ur bitchass rules. Joke's on u mad boi
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8 months her
8 months her
do I have the MLG pro techniques to get in this clan?
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you taught us the kangaroo cunty-ness xD
8 months her
Inverted Austria ftw
8 months her
I like the hitreg on your server.
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8 months her
Doomed before muting and kicking me: LEARN TO PLAY. ESPECIALLY TEAMPLAY.
And not make k/d on ur own and everyone who disturbs u: KICK.
Revive is a part of game badmin.TY
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Lol dying of cheaters? We have multiple anti-cheat plugins and stat checkers that even the admins are not immune to.
9 months her
its like talking to a toddler. just because you say something over and over again doesnt make you right...... seriously you worry me and it is sad that you are one of the more veteran players on here and this is the mindless self centered pathetic behavior that people have to be exposed to.
9 months her
Pas terrible le serveur de la FLS. j'ai été banni sans savoir pourquoi alors que je respecter les règles. Sans doute que l'admin n'a pas apprécié que nous avons retourner la situation en fin de match !!! Alors pour conserver sa soif de gagner, il a préféré me bannir. Pas fairplay du tout.
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I have no idea what you've said and hasn't warranted even a simple cut an paste into google translate.

I'll give my standard response.. Our rules are simple, we clearly state them. You break them and we spot it, you get banned. If you don't like our rules, there are plenty of other servers you can play on and I wish you a long life an happiness in them.

I will not engage further, have fun and keep it classy.
3 years her
Dooom3d: what a fagot..thinks he is great because he has admin privileges and bans everyone playing good. Nice promotion of your server.
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maybe cheating coz in earlier times he wasn t so good
9 months her
You're mad because I muted you as you were being a little whiny bitch?
I'm pretty sure most people we terrible in earlier times, as practice makes perfect. All the FLS platoon came from Xbox.
9 months her
(FLS) D00medT0Fail : Fuck Cheater & Hacker Platoon
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Yeah, who's d00medT0Fail?
1 year her
1 year her
Requesting to tag along!!!
vor 3 Jahren • 1 Like
fls youngsters
vor 4 Jahren • 0 Like
Left the platoon cause nobody plays atm, if u guys make a platoon on hardline ill join again ;) cheers.
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cool iv applied for the platoon and added bezza on xbox .. my gamertag is CRUSTPUNK all caps
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server is live again guys.
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10v10 conquest small if interested message me
Gamer tag: BxHSouLTaK3R
Platoon page: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/4124488651718186613/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
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Hello geezes, I'll b the first to write on here then yea
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