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Website: www.timelessgaming.com • Erstellt: 27.02.2014

7.839.004 / 3.306.000

12214S 19M
Timeless Gaming is a non-elitist community of gamers, mostly of the battlefield series.
We are open to all and promote a friendly, fun environment on all of our servers. We are not a clan but a community of like-minded gamers and have played together for fun for many years.

We have no entrance requirements on age, gender or skill.
If you want to join, we will let you. No ifs, no buts, you're in.

Timeless Gaming wants servers full of players having fun getting kills and possibly more
importantly, making new friends.

Join us at www.timelessgaming.com and favorite our servers in the Battlelog, search for
Timeless and stay up to date.

We will only add TimelessGaming members to our platoon. Please join www.timelessgaming.com before you apply to Join the timelessgaming platoon.

See you on the battlefield!

- The TimelessGaming crew

BF4 TimelessGaming Servers:
Timeless 01 - China Rising - SWITCHED OFF
Timeless 02 - Operation Locker 24/7 - 1500 Tickets
Timeless 03 - Dragon's Teeth - Chain Link - SWITCHED OFF

BF3 TimelessGaming Servers:
Timeless 1 - Rusty B2k - Fast vehicle spawn - High Tickets - SWITCHED OFF
Timeless 2 - Flying Noobletz - 1000 Tickets - SWITCHED OFF
Timeless - Metro - 1000 Tickets - SWITCHED OFF
Timeless - Caspian - SWITCHED OFF

We only run the servers listed on our Forum or on this page.

Teamspeak 3 Server Adress: ts.timelessgaming.com


turn off the balance otherwise no one will play on your server
vor 10 Monaten • 0 Like
hey guys, any chance you plan on brining back china rising server?
vor 1 Jahr • 0 Like
Ladies and Gentlements, we are sorry, we have to close our BF4 Timeless 01 and 03
Servers, if we do not get enough donations, respectively the server costs are not balanced.
Please support us, thanks a lot.
Deadline 19.03.2017
vor 1 Jahr • 0 Like
Ladies and Gentlements, we are sorry, but we have to close 2 from our 3
BF4 Timeless Servers, if we do not get enough donations, respectively the
server costs are not balanced.
Please help us to get the servers up and runing.
Server paid until 16.02.2017 - Thank you
vor 1 Jahr • 0 Like
Fifii add me to your friend for 1 minut. Please.
vor 1 Jahr • 0 Like
fiffii i'm just joking
really sorry
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We wish all our Members / Players and their Families Merry Xmas
and a peaceful Happy New Year.
vor 1 Jahr • 1 Like
http://metabans.com/search/?phrase=BRUTALKNOCKDOWN [metabans.com] russian cheater on your server as we speak. recommend you to ban him as he has aquired even a GGC ban: https://www.ggc-stream.net/search/server/guid/game/38/gid/655CBD54FDE921BA2C0EC504FDCD63D4 [ggc-stream.net]
vor 1 Jahr • 0 Like
hi everybody,
have a Problem. just were pülaying with a mate of me. 1st round i got balanced after playing on it already for 15 mins. he changed Team. well we lost but we were able to Play together.

2nd round. he got balanced. i typed in "!assist" so that i can Play with him again. worked. 10-15 mins later i got balanced into the other Team again.

so. WHY?????????????????
vor 2 Jahren • 0 Like
on which server? we runing different auto balance plug ins
1 year her
Maybe learn to play Faceless kiddie.. Oh wait you fail at that.
vor 2 Jahren • 2 Likes
https://youtu.be/4w377joHSzQ [youtu.be]

vor 2 Jahren • 0 Like
Why is timelessgaming.com down? Is there a serious problem?
vor 2 Jahren • 0 Like
Could I join?
vor 2 Jahren • 1 Like
sure :)
2 years her
Cheers :D
2 years her
i left it was a good experience, good luck guys
vor 2 Jahren • 1 Like
I would like to join if i can :)
vor 2 Jahren • 0 Like
ummm hello guys :)
Im completely new here and wanted to ask how i can join the platoon, i recently left my old platoon and i was looking for something new :)
vor 2 Jahren • 0 Like
hi TalhaDeliPorsuk, sign up on www.timelessgaming.com and apply for the platoon ;)
2 years her
Greetings to you guys! I like your Lockers server its good and balanced and want it to stay clear from cheaters. Please spectate this guy! Im sure he is a cheater. Im not new to BF games and this guy isnt clear! He is playing on Timeless Operation Lockers and spoil the game.
http://bf4db.com/players?name=I_BEHuK [bf4db.com] He already has BF4DB ban for spotting. Think now he turned to WH and maybe smth else like damage hack or aimbot
Compare his DBV stats to his rifles. And take a look at his platoon members! They all are not clear.

http://bf4db.com/players/16516740 [bf4db.com] ban
http://bf4db.com/players/16383537 [bf4db.com] all red cheatscore
http://bf4db.com/players/12220419 [bf4db.com] ban

And these guys are founders/leaders of platoon.
Please take a look. Thank you for your attention. Hope you servers will stay decent and nice to play.
vor 2 Jahren • 0 Like
DopamineShooter, thank you for reporting, 3 from 4 banned, join us on www.timelessgaming.com, so you could report directly. thx good job
2 years her
Our first BF4 Platoon is full, we created a 2nd one already ;)
(Thx Ripper ;)
vor 2 Jahren • 0 Like
We added the new CQ map Dragon Valley 2015 temporary and exclusive on our Timeless Server 03, just for trying out.
After a short testing phase we will switch back to chain link.
vor 2 Jahren • 0 Like
ladies and gentlemen, we are moving our servers to a new webinterface soon. No wonder, the servers will be down during this move ;)
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