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Website: www.noobsrus.co.uk • Erstellt: 16.10.2016

216.231 / 221.000

1837S 59M
A Platoon for all Friends and regular Player.

Feel free to say Hello on our Website: www.noobrus.co.uk


vor 3 Tagen • 1 Like
Hi, its me Archange, I've been on the server for quite a while and I would really like to join you, can you add me, please ?
vor 4 Monaten • 3 Likes
welcome you cock
4 months her
Thanks ! Its official, I'm a cock now
4 months her
Hi, this is Dabadabatwo, can I be your friend? ;)
vor 6 Monaten • 2 Likes
Hey ! Im here to ask to join the NRUF cause im always playing on the server and i want to be a beautifull NRUF player :3
vor 1 Jahr • 1 Like
Your server is awkward, random kicks, admins are moving for their win gg.
vor 1 Jahr • 1 Like
can i read some mimimimi because you got kicked for your commends? lol
1 year her
Hi there. I'm playing on your server for 2-3 weeks now and I already found out that u r all very welcoming and helpful. I would be honored to be with you in a platoon. Anyway, it's time to get some planes down, because HypeCpt is off right now :D #boatsarelife
vor 1 Jahr • 2 Likes
I'm playing since few days on your server, i'm really having fun, and i try to make the others have fun too xD
Y'all nice boys, i hope your server will stay alive as far as possible!
It will be a pleasure to be a member of the NRUF section too, i'm waiting for your answer :p
Have a nice day!
A lil fluffy wolf xP
vor 2 Jahren • 2 Likes
Feel welcome and tbagged :)
2 years her
ty fo good gaming, btw: Delinquente_X is a banned cheater. (by PB)
https://bf4db.com/player/1055182901 [bf4db.com]
https://bf4db.com/player/ban/1055182901 [bf4db.com]

PunkBuster Server: VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) #79743: Delinquente_X (slot #24) Violation (MULTIHACK) #79743

vor 4 Jahren • 0 Like
44 kills 22 hs a liile much....lol
4 years her
We will change to a new Server soon. Put the new one to your Favorites
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/86f70e0b-0d24-44ab-91fc-1f689056f141/NRU-Noobs-R-Us-NEW-Nuthouse-by-4netplayers-de/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
vor 5 Jahren • 0 Like
tomorrow will be a Dargon Valley Saturnday. Playing the map in all modes. :)
vor 5 Jahren • 0 Like
Welcome at the new Platoon for all Friends and regular Player from NRU Noobs R Us.
vor 5 Jahren • 0 Like