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Website: www.thelairgaming.org • Erstellt: 28.02.2014

36.912.404 / 3.306.000

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Hi everyone and welcome to The Lair platoon!!!

The platoon is for members, friends, and server regulars.

We are a relaxed group of like minded gamers just here to have fun with friends old and new, and we all like to shoot the hell out of each other lol

An invitation or acceptance to the TL platoon does not mean you are a TL member. For that you must apply through our website and go through the membership process:

http://www.thelairgaming.org/ [thelairgaming.org]

Our server:
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/f58a23aa-1089-4e3c-854f-ca7a3570ab3b/TL-The-Lair-Fast-Vehicle-Spawn-Air-Maps/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

2 Commander Slots
40 Player Slots

If you like us and wish to donate, this can be done here direct to Game Servers:
http://www.gameservers.com/clanpay/?clanid=fac15eb995ff9921a1eaad4e4f444c50 [gameservers.com]

We look forward to seeing you all on the server!!

The TL team.


to all the old members, i know TL hasn't been around in a long time but there are a few of us that still play and were starting a new bf4 server and the new group is called WOLF PACK. feel free to join us in the new server it would be nice to see some old friends.
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turboazZ noob :O
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Why am I not in this platoon??? XD I have failed you.
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you are now, welcome aboard
3 years her
Hi TL. Thank You for providing a fun place to play. I enjoy playing on your server. See you again soon.

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thanks! we are glad to enjoy the server, hope to see you in game soon! :)
3 years her
I want to join please :) Caclaan put a good word in for me ;)
vor 4 Jahren • 2 Likes
Hey all...

I pretty sure non of you know me, but I have played with one of your members before... It's been a while so i can't remember if it was in BF3 or 4. But there name is MoonicusMaximus. Hell, he might not even remember me, haha. Anyway, looking to get back into BF and should be all downloaded by tomorrow night and i hoping to find an actual squad to back me up once I'm ready! I have TS so if you all have a server I would love to join up, chat, and play.
Take'er easy.
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Welcome back to BF4 Veteran. Glad to have you come in the server and play. Happy hunting! :)
4 years her
Hey guys, really sorry to hear about Bob. I know I didn't "know" him, but he was always quick to greet me and start a friendly conversation when I joined the server. Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well. I'll keep ya's in my thoughts. R.I.P. BOBPAIGE4
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Thanks man...we appreciate it :)
5 years her
5 years her
Hey guys
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5 years her
Guys I'm still alive. Don't worry. I'll be up and playing again tonight!
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cool smack Nevetss tell him to get on too.\
5 years her
Hey The Lair! Come and Fight Us!!! to accept our invitation, join our Teamspeak @ ts43.gameservers.com:9226 and talk to us!!

Ps. We will totally win
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thats not your ts. some exo team
5 years her
Hey guys. Haven't played in a while. How are the new maps?
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hey sheriff13342 is hippys buddies account. or other words, its hippys other other account.! this is hippy, i am out!
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Welcome to the new BF4 platoon TL members and friends of TL
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