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Losers like report me cheating hacking :)

ggc server allowed cheater admins:

retard servers/cheater admins
GGC(heisenberg admin, cheater recorded!!! )
crab: cheater admins: spiker 2:20-2:24 using aimbot, following just spawned infantry target behind building!and shooting, and that is impossible without program!
arm:very noob admins kick all good player!!!
lev:retard noob bad weak garbage admins
superinfantryclan:biggest 10 year no kill noob kids
BTC ONLY GOLMUD-3200 -Tickets:noob losser admin 7-VITAN-7 banned me cheating, because i kill thisd noob many time :D

Good server good admins list.
WBKS golmud : )
Bsun_Dark_Raven hat dies nur für Freunde freigegeben.