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Professor "Hunter Memes" offers the following courses

"Dank Memes Intro: The history of Off Topic"----Taught by MasterOfJimmies
"Dank Memes 101: Intro to dank memes"
"Dank Memes 102: An MLG guide to the interwebz"
"Dank Memes 103: How to use Sketchtoy"
"Dank Memes 104: Deciphering sarcasm"
"Dank Memes 105: Halal vs Haram"
"Dank Memes 106: Sharpening your edge"
"Dank Memes 201: Reading the TOS"
"Dank Memes 202: How can I avoid getting banned by EA_Stiv?"-----Taught by EA_Stiv
"Dank Memes 203: Surviving the barn"----Taught by KBK_Nightmare
"Dank Memes 301: What are Blackberries?"
"Dank Memes 302: Who are the Jimmies?"----Taught by Honestly_Jimmies
"Dank Memes 303: How to bond with mom"
"Dank Memes 304: Crafting the finest bait"----Taught by evandro_n
"Dank Memes 305: Dealing with Quality Threads™"----Taught by SnipedArm