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Infantry BEAST <3
TOP0% G3A3 BF3
TOP0%KH-2002 BF3
TOP0% M1911 BF3
Other acc (SxS-Robbin) (hitreg-ADEFT)
2nd in Revo sqr tourney 2016
200000+ kills :%
  • Stockrobbin hat an die Pinnwand von Kingz Never Die™ geschrieben:
    keep it up guys, im in potugal right now, trying the hippie life, but its just not the same without my ps3, sooo ive decided to get i delivered over here hehe, ill let you know when i go online ;) peace out!
    6 weitere anzeigen ...
    evaristotaker for me yes but this game is dead bro :( although we can play together
    vor 10 Jahren
    Stockrobbin anyonr still on ps3? <3
    vor 10 Jahren
  • Stockrobbin hat an die Pinnwand von Kingz Never Die™ geschrieben:
    Guys its been fun but im moving to Portugal now on the 12th so im gonna be inactive 4 a while! Im gonna leave with this: this march something very very awesome will take place on planet earth, it will come an mass coronal ejection into our atmosphere and instantly re-code our carbon based double helix DNA strands into a silicon crystal base formation, after this pulse of highly charged plasma photon light particles entering our atmosphere, we will no longer have a double helix Dna strands, we will instantly achieve a 12-stranded DNA capable of holding alot more information! This simply means, you will not be the same thing efter the pulse hits the earth, you will be a higher order of love-light, this may sound sketchy as fuck but keep your eyes open guys! pls follow the earths schouman resonans and you shall know what i speak of here, peace to all you motherfuckers <3
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    Stockrobbin yes probably in 6months
    vor 10 Jahren
    evaristotaker OMG:( good luck bro. If you want to speak me, speak me in whatsapp +34 669 39 58 12
    vor 10 Jahren
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