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Ask DICE: Questions for Alan Kertz

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As part of the Player Appreciation Month [] we present the first “Ask DICE”, where you have the chance to ask Battlefield 4 developers questions about their specific fields of expertise. First up is Lead Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz. This is how Alan describes his role here at DICE:

ALAN KERTZ: “As Lead Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 4 it’s my job to work with the team that designs the weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and soldiers in creating a balanced, fun, and authentic-feeling Battlefield. I’ve been a designer on Battlefield for 8 years now, starting with Battlefield 2142 and including both Bad Company games, Battlefield 1943, and Battlefield 3. I’m looking forward to your questions about how we balance Battlefield!”

Post your questions on gameplay balancing in this forum thread for a chance to get them answered by Alan Kertz. Remember that relevant, clear, and concise questions have a better chance of getting answered!

Please remember that this thread is for questions rather than commentary. Posts that do not contain a relevant question will be removed, please ensure your comments are in line with the Guide to Forum Use rules. []

The answers will be published by the end of this week. Thank you!
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Is there any chance that the TV Missiles can be a 1 hit kill against jet's i think its fine the way it works on helis but jets it's too weak
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Why are there so many useless gadgets?

almost all XM25 implementations
Everything smoke related
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Why were smart weapons added to the game? Do you believe they take the skill out of the battle?
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What kind of tools does Frostbite 3/BF4 toolset gives you to balance? Or its just a mean spreadsheet?
Also what kind of variables do you edit per weapon?

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I am glad that you guys are working to rebalance the game. But why did you guys adjust the jets first, then the DMRs, which are now the most annoying things ever, but hold off on nerfing the already annoying crap in the game like active radars, staff shells, etc.

Basically, why did you guys start by balancing the things that can wait instead of balancing the things that are spoiling the experience for a lot of the players?
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Would you consider a gillie suit for recon as a gadget, w/ scope glint I think it would still be balanced and not be game breaking. Please consider.
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Why dont you make some of the DMRs 2 shot kill, but with a lower clip size?
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This oughta be good.

My questions: Could you clarify your position on the G36C? I understand that you will not increase its ROF but it needs a buff of some sort.

Do you think it's fair that the AH and SH have the same health values considering their maneuverability differences?

Could you comment on sniper rifle balance? It is my position that the SV98's bullet drop is too high, and the JNG 90 doesn't have a defining characteristic.

What about mag fed LMG balance? The QBB is fine, but the RPKs and U-100 are very weak.

Why won't you just remove the revolver's firing delay? We can all agree that fun/balance>realism, and I think that we can all agree that no one likes this feature.

Thanks, and I hope to hear your answers.


Please reconsider below radar

Can you fix M2 Slams disappearing in craters?
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I would love if the stealth jets would be more viable against ground. Why dont they have rocket pods?
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2014-02-03 17:22
Any chance of supression being effective anytime soon? ppl being supressed running getting hit and still being able to aim make me sick.
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What's the main process behind rebalancing a weapon/vehicle? Do you just change the appropriate values based on opinions voiced on the forums/reddit/twitter etc., or is it a much more complicated process?
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2014-02-03 17:23
i think jets are a little over powered are you planning on changing any thing with them. also can you give us any hint's on the new battlefield game (code named Havana ) thats being worked on. ;-p
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Why are people allowed to camp in their home spawn with things like the Mobile AA, receive no penalty, and be protected from enemies by out of bounds borders? Why not implement the same home base spawn system as 1943?
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2014-02-03 17:23
Why did PDWs become an engineer specific weapon, and carbines became the all-class weapon? I don't like having to play engineer on close quarters maps like Lockers just to use a PDW, because engineers aren't helpful to the team in that environment.
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2014-02-03 17:24
Why is the AK-12 so useless?
I really don't see how it was OP in beta.
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2014-02-03 17:25
Why is the MX4 only a reliable weapon on TDM because of the short range combat on that mode? I would love to use that weapon on things like conquest but the range is just too long to engage with the MX4 which makes it very negligible even if the gun is very good.
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Hello fellow PC gaming community :) id like to point out an issue with the game mode, Obliteration. Obviously its brand new to the BF series, and it may not be liked by most, but that could potentially be resolved with ONE simple solution...such a simple solution.........MAKE IT SO THE BOMB IS NOT CONSTANTLY VISIBLE. This game mode could actually have some potential if the bomb (when in the opposing teams hands) only shows up maybe every 15 or 20 the mode sits right now constantly being able to see where the bomb is, its ridiculous you just cant get anything done and you shouldn't just be able to see it constantly where ever it is anyway its stupid, this game mode would be much better off, if it had some sort of delayed system like this...does anyone else agree? If so..lets try to get this seen please, I cant be the only one whose thought of this idea...

Also, WHERE IS MY LINE COMPASS? Im a huge ARMA fan, direction and degree headings have always been crucial and could even be so in BF....if we had one with degrees as well. **Plays hardcore mode, (player AI talking) "I HAVE SPOTTED ENEMY SNIPER TO YOUR SOUTH", "ENEMY MACHINE GUNNER TO MY NORTH", "ENEMY SNIPER TO MY EAST",, oh yea I don't have a compass. But I do have that useless button HUD on the bottom middle of my screen (Im a PC player, I know where my keys are and I know my key binds like I know the back of my hand....) when I could have a compass instead (the compass in core is no use too, its crap, can barely see the NESW compass headings on there its just bad...) they need to add back in the horizontal style line compass in the bottom of the map or the horizontal line style compass at the top of the screen or even above the mini map, or in HC mode just above the score board as seen to the left.

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2014-02-03 17:25
IS there a possibility about the AUG A3 receiving a slight buff?

It's a mediocre assault rifle, and with it's ROF needs a higher aimed accuracy then what it currently has, IMHO.
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2014-02-03 17:25
Hi Alan,

I've been wondering for a while now if you and the team are considering going back to the Bad Company 1 & 2 era, when it comes to rocket launchers and attack helicopters. Back then you had 2 very simple options, a rocket launcher, and a tracer dart. Either use the rocket launcher as a free fire weapon, or use the tracer dart to guide the rocket to it's target. Now it's safe to say that there have been quite some problems in the (recent) past with balancing all the different lock-on rocket launchers. And I'm also pretty sure that most of the players are tired of getting locked on all the time by players who have just made their first steps. It's simply too easy to shoot down attack helicopters.

A solution for this ''problem'' would be to take out all the lock-on missiles, and replace them with a tracer dart. This way you would reimplement skill into this section of the game, making it more fun for both the engineer and the attack heli pilots.
My question is, have you thought about doing this, or something similar in the next Battlefield game?

Thanks in advance,

Thom / Greek
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