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Website: worldpress.devildogsunleashed.com • Created: 2014-07-18

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I originally created Devil Dogs Unleashed (DDU) on Battlefield 3 in 2012 after being a member of another Platoon. DDU is a Platoon where anyone can join regardless of skill or KD. We are just average people that can't play every single day trying to have fun and earn some victories doing it. We generally frown on such things as team trolling, tea-bagging, destroying vehicles on the base and other things that prove to be a useless consumption of time. We concentrate on letting the player choose the class they think is best based on the map and squad setup. We rely on them to make the right decision for their squad and team. All members of DDU have a voice in what goes on in the Platoon and we try to give everyone the chance to be a leader by other members voting for who they think best fits the post based on leadership and communication skills. The ability to set up and run a squad and their efforts trying to earn a victory for their team. Some one who will best represent Devil Dogs Unleashed.


To all current members of Devil Dogs Unleashed on Battlefield 3, if you have BF4 then just join the on here. Any one else who wants to join, just apply and we will accept your application. Charge on Devil Dogs!
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It was fun playing with you and your son on PSN, I built a gaming PC so I PC game now. You prob forgot my psn, because I forgot yours too, but your on my friends list.
5 years ago
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