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Professional Attack Chopper Pilot
Member of:
-Precision Gaming (PG)
-Lacrosste E-Gaiming (LC)

My main gunners: (Team Name / Specials)
-Pr3dat0rman (Team SurenHohn)
-PG xRisiko (Penguin-Family / Fake German)
-PG xMayan (Penguin-Family / 911 Twintower-Crasher)
-o TigeR II (69ers / Deutsche und Albaner)
-PG xQwaba (Qwabbel / my best russian gunner)

Other good gunners and pilotsI like and respect <3
-CNT DupleXx (Love Sex Duplex <3)
-CNT Alliize (Broelliize on me)
-LMG356 (The Beauty and the Beast / EMO-Senpai)
-Unity Tespan (Kreuzpiloten / Crosspilots / King of Shanghai)
-lIKokonutIl (He should play BF4 again)
-Rapture (aka Megumin aka SmallAnimeGirls aka 1000 other Accounts)
-AvE Rhyys (awesome TV shooter)

Jet Wingman:
-zyrkon SkyHigh (French Cute <3)

- PG xWooookie is an awesome leader -

-I 'm the worst player in BF4 , except by the Attack Chopper! ....There I 'm freakin badass^^


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