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Battlefield veteran´s status

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2012-10-16 22:19
BF330 said:
I had Battlefield 2 on a different account. Too bad I can't have veteran for that.

The exact same for me, so I just loaded the BF:BC2 disc up and played half a match - worked like a charm. But, the veteran status only gives you the M1911, on one hand, it's quite cool and good all round, but it lacks power when compared to Mp412 or 44. Magnum ( Well of course it will(!) ) If you have a previous BF game, then do what I did, but don't go overboard as it were. :)
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2012-10-18 11:52
I bought bc2 via steam,went to the site,logged on with my email and it traced my origin account.I have vet status for bf3,p4f and heroes,all of them found no problem.I dont see why everyone complains,,,
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2012-10-27 11:25
Ive played all the Battlefields and do not have vet status for any of them.
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2012-11-17 17:58
zh1nt0 said:
Hello everyone!

We´ve been getting a lot of questions regarding Veteran´s status lately so here is a very short and brief guide on how to obtain it :).

Your e-mail address serves as your EA ID account. []

Sign in to the link above to obtain your veteran´s status :)

i cant sign in...
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Cool :)
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2012-11-29 22:36
I tried to do that but it gets stuck on the choose persona screen and is forever loading.
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2012-12-03 15:22 , edited 2012-12-04 23:52 by Ziraben
I've been to the BC2/Vet page previously and added BF1941+xpaks(PC) and BC2(360) with no issues...however when I went back recently to add BC(360) and BF2:MC(360) I could only add the Bad Company title, and here's why...

Seems the only way (without help) to register the game is to play a round online...there are no servers, though, which makes it tough-ish. (response below)

xbox, 360:

For us to be able to see that you own this game, you have to complete an online match.

We have checked the following personas to see if any of them have the game:
Your Xbox LIVE Gamertags


To link your PLAYSTATION Network Online ID or an Xbox LIVE Gamertag to your EA Account, please go to the EA Account Manager.

If you're having problems linking your gamertag, please contact EA Support.
Gamespy Username:
Battlefield: Modern Combat is the first Battlefield game offered on consoles, released in 2005 and 2006.

Modern Combat is available on Xbox, PS2 and 360, but the Xbox version is no longer available in the Veteran program as the multiplayer service has been shut down.

Help please.

Edit:12-4-12, 1555PST

Thx Jordan @EA Support for fixing my Veteran Status *<8)
Now if they could just get the medal counts right...
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Hey Ziraben,

how did you contact EA support? I tried today and after a very long chat with a helpful but clearly inexperienced agent it came down to this answer from him: "I am truly sorry but based on procedure and the details within your account I am unable to proceed with the procedure." I own Battlefield Vietnam (2004 Version) but entering the CD does not give me the veteran status for it. Also, I asked to be given status for Battlefield Modern Combat since I own it, but online play is no longer possible.
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2012-12-17 19:13
Went to and clicked through links till I found a "Contact Us" link, called in and requested a callback. Didn't help with my primary issue though.
Stupidity is proof that Darwin was wrong. As a survival trait, it would have bred itself out by now.
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The M1911 is quite good all round, could dowith a little bit more power lol.
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2012-12-18 12:27
Okay so I'm not the only one having issues with the BF Vietnam CD Key not working. I'm at work right now so I don't have the key handy but every time I've tried putting it in it says either Invalid or Already used and I put it in the same way every time. I've also had issues with my slow internet at home with 2142. I'm not nearly as worried about it but would love to gain the veteran status for it as I'm truly a veteran. Only one I never played was Battlefield Heroes as it looked too kiddish for a war game to me. I just want to get my veteran statuses so I can show I've accomplished something in the gaming community. Any help would be much appreciated.
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2012-12-19 18:39
Cannot get Battlefield Vietnam veteran status. ;|
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2012-12-19 19:39
me neither!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2012-12-19 20:13
andrea42031 said:
me neither!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2012-12-20 15:03
Clicked the link and BOOM! It doesn't work....
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2012-12-23 13:48
This doesn't work. Can anyone fix? Or will you ignore this forever DICE?
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this whole badcompany2 netsite isn't working
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2012-12-24 20:32
Meh, I have the bf2142 box+cd+key in my hands, and it wont register to my account. But northern strike is there alright.
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2013-01-03 02:20
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2013-01-04 11:56
I have been trying since the game launched to get my vet badges for BF2 and BC and Vietnam. Thing has never worked.
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