You were disconnected from EA Online.

Enlisted: 2013-05-03
2014-03-16 00:39
I'm having the same problem! Ever since the "patch" for Second Assault came out, I haven't been able to log in. It's been over a month now. Nice work, EA. How about trying to fix this?
US Enlisted: 2011-12-26
2014-03-16 05:30
Still having the issue even after the "PS3 Server Maintenance" from a few days ago. As usual, none of the fixes are doing any good, except for adding *maybe* a few minutes of game time, and that's not saying a whole lot.
Enlisted: 2014-02-04
2014-03-16 13:19
Can't count how many times I have had mass points, and then ask of a sudden it kicks me and my buddies from the server saying it has lost connectivity? It's not our connection. Just started to happen the last couple of days. I haven't updated anything so it's not a patch problem. So EA what are you gonna do about it?
US Enlisted: 2011-12-26
2014-03-16 19:39
It would be nice to actually get some feedback from an Admin or EA agent. At this point in time I've stopped playing BF3 all together and I don't find myself going to pickup BF4 either.

No assistance from the support sites or from any of the help lines, the *Band-aid* fixes do absolutely nothing to keep people playing, and the total lack of communication is astounding.

Is it so hard to get a response from a company like DICE or EA?
Enlisted: 2011-11-04
2014-03-17 08:14
Ea or dice i can't conect to battlefield 4 about 6 days on ps4 eror could not retrieve battlepack please try again later or Can't conect to ea servers online features will be unavailable fix
CA Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2014-03-18 19:38
I spent over $100 on Bf4 and I can't play because of this error. I spend $20 on the Rust Alpha and I can play. Seriously!
US Enlisted: 2011-12-26
2014-03-23 23:37
Necro'ing but, this issue is still here, still annoying, and still extremely frustrating. Come on people, what does it take to get some servers that actually work?
RU Enlisted: 2013-03-28
2014-03-25 08:59
Goddamned EA. can't make any game without fucking problems. I spend my money on this shit. just to see this godamned problem. It makes me have gastral pains
CH Enlisted: 2011-10-31
2014-07-08 11:28 , edited 2014-07-08 11:28 by Baddersmash
Fix that f***ing game!
Enlisted: 2014-01-17
2014-07-08 18:41
You were disconnected from EA Online (1)

Help !
DE Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2014-07-09 14:33
Error You were disconnected from EA Online (1)

just perfect
US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2014-07-10 23:28
im having the same problem
FI Enlisted: 2012-10-29
2014-07-11 12:25
I have a hard time connecting to 64 player servers? (I have decent computer)