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Serious note regarding Phishing Links.

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Please Note:
Do not click on any links referring to a Battlefield 4 Alpha or Beta.
if a Alpha or Beta commences we would not send you to a .tk or .ru site, we would not ask you to input personal details, all privileges would automatically flag on your account if you inputted online passes from previous promotions.

It is important to state that none of these current builds exist for Battlefield 4. If we have information to provide regarding the access to these builds we would state it from within and nothing else first.

If you feel you are a victim of phishing attempts, please change your password to your EA account and your email account immediately and contact EA Support for further assistance.

Also check this link out in regards to how to maintain your account security. []

Thanks for reading, Happy Holidays to everyone.
*Some of my posts may not represent the opinions of EA or DICE. ^TFPS.
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.