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E3 2013 - Press Conference Guide! (Finished)

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The livestreams listed within this thread have now ended and exist purely as a reference/archive purpose only.


Another Year. Another E3 Press Conference Guide.

This year things are destined to be more explosive than ever before!
Get ready to immerse yourself with all the announcements, reveals and information that will surely arrive from E3 Expo 2013 []!

Below you will find the dates, times and links to watch it all.

Microsoft Press Conference - 9:30AM PDT [], June 10TH. [], Xbox Live, Gamespot [] or IGN. []

Sony Press Conference - 6:00PM PDT [], June 10TH. [], PSN Home, Gamespot [] or IGN. []


Electronic Arts Press Conference - 1:00PM PDT [], June 10TH. [], Gamespot [] or IGN. []

Ubisoft Press Conference - 3:00PM PDT [], June 10TH.
Gamespot [] or IGN. []


How WorldBuddy works:
If your timezone/location is not listed in the main WorldBuddy link, you can add your own location using the onsite search function. This will add it to the timezone overview so you can easily line up the time indicated within this guide.


Sit back, write down those times and enjoy!

We will make amendments to this guide in time, keep an eye on it for more details/information.
*Some of my posts may not represent the opinions of EA or DICE. ^TFPS.
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