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DirectX error: "get device removed reason"

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2013-10-02 01:20 , edited 2013-10-02 01:23 by sKell-10 []

Error content:

DirectX function "getdeviceremovedreason" failed with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG ("the application's device failed due to badly formed commands sent by the application. This is a design-time issue that should be investigated and fixed. "). GPU: "Nvidia geforce GTX 670", Driver: 33140

First error I've received from the beta (which has been running fine for a solid 3-4 hours already). However I do remember getting a similar error a few times in bf3 that i could never reproduce in the same session. I have been running the 320.49 drivers up until today and switched over to the 331.4 drivers when they were put up in anticipation for bf4.

Specs include windows 8, evga 670 (oc'd), FX-8350 (oc'd) and 8gb ram.
get ready for another hubahubdudubd
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2013-10-02 02:10
i followed the steps in this vid [] and haven thad the problem since.
now its just the damn loading sceen.
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2013-11-17 16:37
I had the same problem with my gtx 580. I tried everything on the forums. I finally fixed it by removing my asus xonar sound card and moved my video card to the first pci slot. My m-board only had 1 pci exp x1 slot that when I had my sound card plugged into it, it forced my to put my video card in the second 8x8 pci x slot. Don't know whether the move to the #1 slot or the removal of the soundcard fixed it though.
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2014-01-08 21:51
try to under clock your GPU for -10 MHz
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2014-02-03 18:44
Eng : I tried some "working Fixes" now, nothing helped me so far, i always get this DirectX Device error Thing, anyone got a WORKING fix for this? i just got BF4 for Birthday and i cant play it / Enjoy it.

Thx for reading.

GER: Ich hab fast alles ausprobiert,und nichts hilft bis jetzt , hat jemand eine Idee wie ich diesen Error Code in die hölle bannen kann?

danke fürs lesen.
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2014-02-14 00:16
this sure is annoying,

We already have the still unfixed memory leak and game shuts down when it starts asking to close other programs because it ran out of Ram.

Now on mid game, the client shuts down because of the Direct X error....
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2014-02-15 09:50
same poblem nothing helps ridicoulus i just want to play damn it
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2014-02-17 18:22
I have the same problem since the newest drivers came out so maybe this could be linked to this? At least for the 460-560 family, could be that the newer ones are also affected. []

Which could place the blame with Nvidia for those with those card's and driver's.
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2014-02-20 18:36
i have amd with the same prob so I guess its not the graphic card
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2014-03-03 01:39
bugfield 4
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2014-03-04 17:56
patch me if you can
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2014-03-13 06:52
Dammm ppl, stop posting that u have the same problem, etc... just post the solution or shut up >.>
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2014-03-20 15:11
Exorcistares said:
Dammm ppl, stop posting that u have the same problem, etc... just post the solution or shut up >.>

Solution buy a new Graphics card.
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2014-03-25 01:21
What if you get this error, and know little to nothing about computers. What can one do to diagnose the culprit AND fix when most everything said in these previous replies hardly makes sense. It happens randomly i know that. No discernible pattern. Happenings frequently for a few weeks then wont see for a few more...rinse repeat. There is sooooo much info out there, that I don't know what to follow. Already had to reformat due to a set of instructions that I apparently did not follow causing a crash of my vid card and monitor. Like I said, I don't know shit. How do I figure this out.

Explain like I'm five please.
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2014-04-16 17:20
damn that player for weeks and today suddenly he error came back.... this game sucks aaaaaaaaasssssssss i'm about to play d3 ROS
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2014-05-01 08:45
i have the same error with my Gainward GTX 680 Phantom after a while i started recording the temperatures of my card because while playing battlefield 4 it was getting very noisy and the teperature reached 85°C when i got the error so i enale v-sync to limitate the frames to 60 and everythink was fine
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2014-05-29 12:35
Tom1561 said:
Exorcistares said:
Dammm ppl, stop posting that u have the same problem, etc... just post the solution or shut up >.>
Solution buy a new Graphics card.

Solution go fuck off... I have this problem with my Titan Black Edition...

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2014-06-01 19:25
just turn off full screen ,that worked for me :)
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2014-06-03 23:01
At what point in time well the markers of BF4 see that we are pissed about this problem and do something about it?..I mean like enough is enough fix the dam problem we didn't buy the game just to look at the desktop icon when we start up or gaming computers
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2014-06-06 10:54
happened today for me. device removed... this was after i had installed 337.88 with gforce experience. cleaned out and reinstalled with basic drivers. May try mohd-62 suggestion play windowed mode.
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