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Mouse stops working

Enlisted: 2013-08-19
2014-06-21 21:40
same problem. Razer Abyssus. stoips for like 2 seconds and keeps working. Annoying as fu**
UY Enlisted: 2011-11-20
2014-06-24 00:35
Try and Disable Origin's In Game option for Battlefield 4. Worked here.
US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2014-06-24 00:43
OlferHeat said:
Try and Disable Origin's In Game option for Battlefield 4. Worked here.

How do you do this ?
AR Enlisted: 2012-04-12
2014-06-25 22:42
same problem here razer deathadder 2013
AR Enlisted: 2012-04-05
2014-06-28 23:16
Now i have the same problem, someone know how to fix this???
SG Enlisted: 2012-01-29
2014-07-10 14:57
having the same problem. wtf is going on.
BE Enlisted: 2011-11-05
2014-07-12 22:43
Found a solution to it.
You only have to change your joystick deadzone settings.
When i boost this settings, i can use my mouse like it should be.
Enlisted: 2013-12-23
2014-07-28 20:40
I have this same problem. Mouse works fine in menus but nothing happens in game. Joystic deadzone setting changing does not help, changing of other settings does not help, resetting of control settings does not help, nothing helps.

Hey Dice: have you ever hear about "software testing" or "bug fixing"?

This is completely first time when I see this kind of bug in some game. It prevents gaming completely.
TH Enlisted: 2012-01-09
2014-08-30 11:40
I had the same issue and found a fix. I have a joystick which was also plugged in and I guess some settings were the same. I unplugged the joystick and the mouse was ok. Hope this helps someone.
ID Enlisted: 2013-08-27
2014-08-30 23:46
Same here
AU Enlisted: 2012-05-03
2014-09-01 22:45
some problem here...PISSING ME OFF
...using Firefox as my browser
SG Enlisted: 2012-02-21
2014-09-04 12:18
my mouse started to intermittently disconnect recently. Using cm storm Spawn. In windows 8.1 it disconnect and connects back but rarely but during game play it keeps happening very randomly even my Zoom H1 mic for disconnects too. I'm not sure if its my mouse,recent patch or my usb drivers causing it. it happens frequently in game but rarely in windows mode. Anyone found out what causing it? Polling rate??? win 8.1 update 2??? drivers???
PL Enlisted: 2011-11-02
2014-09-14 10:33
well this issue for me comes and goes away now and then...
yesterday after freezing mouse i changed in game setting and turned RAW mouse input to OFF - worked right away

today it froze again and nothing helps.....

GB Enlisted: 2013-11-01
2014-09-23 09:18
Same here works fine in the game most of the time but if i go to the menu screen my cursor is 3 inch's under what i can actually click on so i cant use 1/2 of the bloody menus options !
DE Enlisted: 2012-01-10
2014-09-26 08:11
Disable Origin In Game fixed it for me!
Enlisted: 2013-03-22
2014-09-30 22:30

BF4 fall update did not fix this for me
US Enlisted: 2012-01-01
2014-09-30 23:57
I'm using Windows 8.1 With an EVGA GTX 670 FTW, and I was crashing in the CTE and BF4 after installing the 344.11 drivers. I uninstalled them and reverted to 340.52, at which point my mouse began stopping to work for around two seconds at a time while in-game, every thirty seconds or so. I completely wiped the drivers with DDU and installed 340.52 again, and the game couldn't be running better. I hope this helps!
Enlisted: 2014-05-29
2014-10-14 09:28
same here :(
Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2014-10-16 03:26
same here ... can't play the game ... anybody figure this out ??? MOST frustrating !!!!!
US Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2014-10-26 19:07
WTF. Thought it was just me. But after the huge update my mouse has been stuttering and stops moving. Like their lag happening with the mouse input.

I assume no one has found a fix to this problem?
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