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A message from Creative Director Lars Gustavsson

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2013-11-08 09:33
Hi everyone,

Sorry if I haven’t been very visible on the Battlefield forums lately. We’ve been busy shipping the game (and we still haven’t launched on next-gen), but I wanted to take the time to say hi to all of you out there on the Battlefield.

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming
First: Let me assure you that while we don’t have the time to answer everyone on the forums, we read everything and take your feedback into consideration. Which brings me to my next topic.

We understand that some of you are concerned over the number of crashes you are experiencing in the game. A lot of our players are having a great time in the game, but we do know that things have been rocky so far.

Here’s the thing: We are working hard on fixing these issues, and YOU can help! By letting us know more details about how and when your issues arise, we can pinpoint these issues and eliminate them more quickly.

Latest info always found here
You can always find the latest info on deployed and upcoming server and game updates in this thread []. As you can see, we have already released seven server updates since launch, with more on their way, and upcoming client updates as well.

The DICE developers will make a concentrated effort to appear more often here on the forums. We will do our best to answer your questions and point you in the right direction for information. We also wanted to highlight the great contributions you are doing to make this a constructive and relevant forum for fans and developers alike.

Participate in the discussions and get a Battlepack
That’s why we’ve decided to award the best fan made forum threads here on the Battlelog forums each week. We will give a way a Gold Battlepack to one original poster each week where we feel that we get constructive feedback or creative input.

As Creative Director, I am well aware that some players are not experiencing Battlefield 4 the way it’s meant to be right now. It is our duty as developers to set things right as quickly as possible. With your help and your constructive feedback, we will make that happen more quickly.

To kick things off, I’d like to highlight a great thread where players are discussing Mobile AA power: []

This is a great example of constructive feedback where it’s easy for us as developers to take the topic into consideration for the future. Thanks a lot to Battlelog user NemisizZ-DK for posting this thread. We’ll unlock a Gold Battlepack for you inside Battlefield 4.

The road goes ever on and on
Going forward, you’ll see me and other developers hang on the forums. But our most important job is to take your feedback that we have heard and incorporate that into the upcoming server and client updates. We and our entire community team will let you know as soon as we have new information to share on the state of the game.

See you on the Battlefield!
/Lars Gustavsson
Creative Director
Global Community Manager for Battlefield.
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Thanks for the post! Please focus on fixing the crashes and netcode!
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hey DICE

the only thing that's bugged me so far about BF4 (other than the constant crashing) is the
bullet trail that's very visible when aiming down the sniper scope. i'm fine that the opposition
can see where shots are flying, that "world" bullet trail makes sense, for balancing purposes, i'm fine
with that. but, does it really need to be apparent when a Recon player is making shots through the scope?
i don't believe so.

From the several threads i've read, the main complaint is, making shots from certain distances
can be difficult, because that wispy line covers alot of the bullet and where it impacts. players have reported
to have difficulty's in making follow up shots because the initial shots are hard to adjust. players of other classes
may see this is a ridiculous rant from a Recon fan boy, but there is a valid issue here i believe.

imagine if this were present for all classes. i don't think players would appreciate seeing smokey lines flying everywhere.
to me it's not relevant to have. i could guess that it was added to further balance the class, make shots
slightly harder to make, but i believe that's pushing it.

obviously this isn't a priority, there's far more pressing matter, but all i ask is that you take abit of time to
reconsider this mechanic.

absolutely love the game by the way, great job.

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Thanks, most important things are crashes client side, on high end PC's I got SLI 580 gtx
running ultra on 100-110 FPS but crashing.

next step is please change the number of recons on each team with a limitation, it became a camping fest with 50% of the other team sniping legit players like chickens
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dat Netcode.

So... That netcode issue. Pretty big I would say. Gamebreaking even.

Edit: Yes, the sniper bullet trail and drop are insanely stupid. And the AA missiles are ungodly OP.
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2013-11-08 09:43
thanks for report!
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2013-11-08 09:45
Thanks for the information! It's great to see that you guys are working around the clock to make the game as polished as possible! :)
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2013-11-08 09:45
Thanks for stopping by.
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2013-11-08 09:49
how about fixing the crashes / bugs / punkbuster issues before trying anything remotely balance related?
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Maxhster said:
how about fixing the crashes / bugs / punkbuster issues before trying anything remotely balance related?

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2013-11-08 09:53
Should get the Crash/Lag stuff fixed before doing any other things...
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2013-11-08 09:53
FIX god damn DirectX errors
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2013-11-08 09:57
Thanks for informing us. Keep up the good work, you are doing great!
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thanks for showing up but it seems that everything is still in the works and that no urgent issue at all will become fixed for this weekend, uh? gosh, there are at least three i'm wishing for:

*) short iterations: manage the complexity of this big upcoming patch by forcing yourself to break the task down into smaller and smaller patches! it reduces the risk of new defects and might get us customers going a bit faster! we don't need "everything" fixed in one big unforseeable patch, we need some cure for the "most" gamebreaking things seriously as soon as possible. the qa-department is most likely afraid to rush things once again so getting some big old patch signed by them is supposedly a no-no.

*) extensive patch notes: you guys have em, they are already written down in your scm, so why don't you post anything about them? we don't want any source code, we don't want any personal information but there must be more as in: patched "most common" server crashes. i mean, come'ooon!

*) a roadmap with approximate dates for which we can expect things to change. you guys must be well aware of some kind of release schedule and letting us die in the dark about it is as annoying as it can become.

just my 5 cent.
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2013-11-08 10:43
Awesome that DICE is taking a proactive approach to fixing the game in a timely manner.

How about adding one of if not the most demanded game feature to BF4 in the future after the game has been deemed stable and things settle down at dice ?

How about adding Battle Recorder/ Theater []
Help add Battle Recorder/Theater mode to BF4. View the video in the link and sign the petition
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2013-11-08 11:32
I'd like to point you in the direction of this thread: []

It's one of many threads that criticize the current state some of the jet fighters are in.
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That doesnt explains how the game is more broken than BF3 Alpha. Thought you guys said FB3 engine is improved version of 2? then why people are getting the same DIRECTX error, which only Frostcrap engine 2&3 gives? the sound breaking, crashes, etc etc.

Whats in BF4 improved? can you give us an example?

No wonder you dont license FB engine. It's so crap no one would even buy a license of this POS engine.
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2013-11-08 11:53
Wow, that hurts !

Effectively, in the past, developpers were paying testers to test a game, now the testers pay to play a game .... so what are you doing with all this money ?

In the past : the DLC were free and servers were free too. Now we have to pay for everything.

What's next ?

Maybe we will have to pay to debug the game ? Or maybe we will have to debug the game ourself and pay for it ? If you want I give you all my money earned working hard (with effective responses).

It's the new way of thinking : let the people say what they want, finaaly they will pay.

Seriously :

1- I don't care of seeing developpers on forums -> I prefer seeing them working on the gamecode

2- stop argumenting : we know that a game like this one is really hard to create but please, work seriously BEFORE releasing it (the beta didn't help you ?)

3 - a worldwide game necessit a worldwide director ...... understood ?

4 - great, now testers are retributed with gold battlepack !!!! We don't care about that (its a wrond strategy) (This is not agains't NemisizZ-DK).

4 - if you really want to apologize, and you should ! JUST GIVE TO EVERY PLAYERS ALL AROUND THE WORLD 1 DLC FOR FREE (the next map pack for exemple - I am allready a premium member so I won't beneficiate it and I don't care, just want to hit where it hurts)

5- or FREE SERVERS (more)

6 - please : don't begin to throw bones to us when we are despited seeing you eating caviar, we are not dogs you can buy with gold battlepacks. We are clients who paid 100 € for a BETA game

7 - punkbuster and other anti-cheat programs are really a good thing but sometimes a little slow to find the cheaters, I wanted to say "THANKS" to them.

8 - I love battlefield, but this time, I won't forgive.
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2013-11-08 12:01

Have you played BF4 since its release?
I do not think
We are not pigeons and the game is not over
Shame on you to write a post like this one

I love battlefield, but this time......:o(((((
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