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R3 Server Update

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NOTE: Latest server documentation will always be available here: []

R11 PC Server Update Notes:
-Fixed a common server crash
-Fixed an exploit where a player could get unlimited ammo on mortars by redeploying them
-Fixed an issue where your score displayed in the scoreboard was cut in half during double xp events
-Removed the possibility for server admins to kick players on official servers by using PunkBuster
-Game mode counter can now be set up to 400% for Ranked servers and 500% for Unranked servers. In addition, idle time out can now be set up to 86 400 (24 hours) for both server types

R10 Update Notes:
We are rolling out a new PC Server Update (R10). This will fix a lot of the server crashes we are seeing right now. The R10 Server Update should be live with a majority of servers in a couple of hours. If you get an error message about China Rising when trying to join a server, please select another server. This problem will not appear if you join a server where the new R10 patch has been deployed.

R9 Update Notes:
We are rolling out a new PC Server Update at 10AM UTC/2AM PST today, Nov 14. This update is in preparation for the upcoming PC client patch that starts rolling out at the same time. You can find more information on the PC client patch in this thread: []

R8 Update Notes:
-Fixed a number of dog tags that were showing up as blank in-game.
-Lowered the damage caused by Mobile AA Active Radar missiles to aircraft. The previous damage was incorrectly set too high.
-Improved server crash reporting and performance tracking on all platforms. This should further help us identify and fix server crashes going forward.

R7 Update Notes:
-Fixed two of the most common server crashes (All platforms)
-The "admin.say" command should now work properly (PC)
-The "vars.preset" command should now work better in conjunction with other vars settings (PC) (It is now easier for server admins to set a server preset)
-Fixed a bug in the queue system regarding GUID (PC)
-Fixed various minor bugs

R6 Update Notes:
-Fixed the most common game server crash
-Removed vars.bannerUrl command

R5 Update Notes:
-Fixed join-server queues

R4 Update Notes:
-Fixed some server crashes
-Fixed vars.forceReloadWholeMags being inverted
-Readded vars.unlockMode
-Fixed crash caused by FairFight RCON commands in startup.txt
-Fixzed the issue with admin.say being displayed as if player 0 sent the message

R3 Update Notes:
-Fixed a number of Blaze and Tablet Commander issues
-Added the command vars.preset
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